Free WiFi in Tangier Public Gardens

By Hajar JannadRabat – On the occasion of the 5th edition of the “salon regional du livre” held in Tangier from June 22 to 28 , Fouad El-Omari, the city’s mayor, announced that starting in July free outdoor Wi-Fi will be provided in public parks throughout the city.An outdoor public wireless internet network–available free of charge and lasting an hour–was already launched in Casablanca in collaboration with the three mobile operators (Meditel, Inwi, and Maroc Telecom); this initiative was highly praised by the city’s youth. Free Wi-Fi was also launched in Marrakech’s Arsat Moulay Abdeslam garden. For Fouad El Omari, the public network is part of the “Tanger Metropole” program and the vision for a twenty-first century downtown aimed at promoting the human development and integration of the city.This initiative will enable Tangier’s residents and visitors to connect to the Internet on laptops, smart phones and other mobile devices while outdoors. M&T Bank is leading the effort to engineer, purchase, and install the wireless system.It is now time for Tangier’s residents to benefit from free Wi-Fi and connect wherever they are. If succeeds, the initiative will be further expanded into other zones and other cities.

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