2012 Beijing Qinghai large collection of goods Xining enterprises harvest

Following the

foundation successfully held for two consecutive years, Qinghai large set of goods in Beijing, July 6th – 15 days, the provincial commerce department once again held the 2012 Beijing Qinghai large set of goods "activities, the city’s 42 famous special new enterprises to participate in the exhibition. In a large set of activities, I organized the fresh food, dairy products, food processing, beverage, wine, handicrafts, textile and other 8 categories, more than and 300 varieties of commodities, cognition, accept the characteristics and advantages of Xining products are more and more people in Beijing and favor.

during the event, the two companies Beijing Green also carried out in-depth exchanges and negotiations, Beijing procurement business representatives on the characteristics of Qinghai famous goods showed a keen interest in a purchasing intention, and signed a purchase agreement, such as the Qinghai Yutai agricultural and livestock products Co. Ltd., Qinghai red wolfberry Technology Co. Ltd., Qinghai Tibet biological resources Qinghai Development Company Limited, Sanjiang snow food & Beverage Co. and Qinghai River Heyuan investment company 8 enterprises in our city and Beijing Yueshengzhai Halal Food Co. Ltd., great beauty Beijing trading company, Beijing Ching Hai Chun Song Li Industry Co. Ltd., Beijing cultural and creative mountain to build trade Co. Ltd. and Beijing Shun Hengyuan Trading Ltd. and other 12 companies signed a purchase agreement, the contract amount of 87 million 80 thousand yuan.

Beijing Qinghai large collection of activities Xining exhibitors fruitful harvest, whether it is the amount of sales, the amount of the contract and contact the number of customers accounted for more than 60 of the province’s total. (author: Gu words)



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