Election Act Changes Proclaimed

first_imgThe province is proclaiming changes to the Elections Act today, Dec. 21, to help improve voter turnout and the protection of personal information. The changes will take effect Jan. 1. The legislation, passed during the fall sitting of the House of Assembly, is the first major changes to the Election Act in 25 years. “The new Elections Act modernizes and simplifies the elections process and will bring us into the 21st century,” said Justice Minister Ross Landry. “We now have legislation that Nova Scotians can rely on to improve the election process in the province.” The new act promotes higher voter turnout by increasing opportunities for people to vote. A continuous poll, before advance polls, will allow voters to cast ballots at a returning office anytime during office hours. Mobile polls will be used more extensively, and write-in ballots will be encouraged. The chief electoral officer can set up advisory committees to look for ways to help persons with disabilities vote independently. Other improvements include: greater independence and accountability of the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer improved protection of personal information allowing parties to access age demographic information so candidates can encourage people to vote by using age-based interests a provision for the registration and regulation of third-party participants in an election more opportunities for youth to participate in the administration of elections clear authority for the CEO to investigate alleged breaches of the act ability for merit-based selection of returning officers rules for divesting assets of a registered political partylast_img

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