Our province has invested 36 million 720 thousand yuan to build the Huangshui fish migration Easy Ac

the afternoon sun shines in the warm Shaliuhe River, the first order in the order open channel, migratory Huang fish pick up order dense and jump, such as carp leaping like the wonderful scene, attracting tourists to watch and take pictures inside and outside the province.

this is June 11th, the reporter walked into the Gangcha county section of Salix Huang fish home to see the scene. It is understood that the smooth Huang fish migration channels, in our province last year, invested 36 million 720 thousand yuan, according to Huang fish habits in Shaliuhe, Quanji River and hallgeir river water retaining dam demolition, modify built a 7 seat stepped high weir type fishway. Of which 6 new, rebuilt in the 1.

the project started in September 15th last year, the completion of a project within a month of 80%. In April 2nd this year after the resumption of work to complete the project 30. The provincial water resources department related person in charge of the evaluation, the project started in cold areas of Gangcha County in the construction of the project first, do the fastest, the fastest, the project approval, the implementation of the project funds in place the fastest fastest, most effective, once again demonstrated the construction, design, supervision, quality inspection collaboration between the parties. Efficient field office.

Qinghai Lake naked carp rescue center director Shi Jianquan introduced, in 60s and 70s, for the development of production, people dammed rivers to irrigate farmland in Huangshui fish migrate on. Now it seems that gave Huang fish fatally wounded. Huang fish need water to stimulate gonadal development to mature, or can not be completed on. Migration channel is smooth, related to the ecological restoration of the Qinghai Lake basin.

It is reported that

, for the construction of Huangshui fish migrate appropriate steps, Gangcha County water conservancy departments repeated practice, continuous improvement, and ultimately by experts, scientific data to the length of the fish can jump 1.5 times higher, the 15 cm high ladder. This Huangshui fish can easily jump, to stimulate the water flow rate of gonadal maturation. At the same time, the engineering facilities and water conservancy projects, before the dam into the fishway, and irrigation canal built into a trapezoidal canal, not only saves half of irrigation water, but also shorten the time of irrigation.

in mid May of this year, a large area of farmland in Gangcha County before pouring, at the end of May water for rivers, to ensure the smooth migration of Huang fish. At present, the migration has become a tourist fish tourist attractions, local herdsmen have also opened a channel surrounding pastoral family, provide accommodation for tourists to increase the income of fish.

according to the director of the Gangcha county environmental protection forestry Water Conservancy Bureau Guo Shouyang said, this project is the biggest difficulty of ecological benefit, time, heavy task, not only to overcome the cold frost, but also in the second years before the completion of all Huang fish migration. At that time to protect the quality, to catch up with the schedule, after the start of construction, design, supervision, quality inspection parties settled in the site, on-site office to solve the problem. Construction of 24 hours a day. 3 operations at the same time, in order to cope with the quilt, plastic film and warm shed measures such as low temperature, to ensure the project one month ahead of completion.


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