More than 400 Qinghai specialty debut in Xi’an 29

In order to ensure the province’s retail sales of social consumer goods to achieve more than half the time, more than half of the task, the provincial commerce department from May 29th to June 4th, Qinghai once again held a large set of goods in Xi’an, there will be 9 categories of more than 400 kinds of Qinghai famous debut Xi’an.

the province continue to choose Xi’an as the venue of Qinghai large set of goods, which is based on the Qinghai and Shaanxi has the unique advantage of geography, humanities, folk customs are similar to that of Qinghai products with good market awareness in Xi’an. In December last year, the Provincial Department of Commerce organized a large set of enterprises in the province of the company held in Xi’an, the cumulative sales of 2 million 370 thousand yuan, signed an agreement of $412 million, has achieved fruitful results. In order to further consolidate the achievements, expand the Qinghai famous brand products market space in Xi’an and Shaanxi and social awareness, the commerce department will soon organize the province hundreds of companies, sales of Cordyceps sinensis, Chinese wolfberry, dairy products, bee products, fresh meat, drink wine, ethnic handicrafts and other nine categories of more than 400 kinds of products. Exhibition of goods are mostly national well-known trademarks, famous trademarks of Qinghai province or Qinghai brand-name products, covering most of our province famous special new goods. In addition, will be held in the afternoon of May 29th to carry out two provinces and enterprises in Shaanxi Province, docking negotiations and focused on signing activities.

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