Passion ignite dreams create brilliant cooperation

Yesterday, the thirteenth session of the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race opened in the ancient city of Xining plateau. With the green Gansu provinces in the people of the truth of hope, together with the green Gansu provinces in the cheers of the crowd from all corners of the country transfer blessing, peace and friendship, "the game" opens a new journey. On the occasion, wish the "Lake Race" – the highest cycling event in today’s world and highest level in Asia, the pace of more and more sonorous, wider road!

13 years, "the Lake Race" promote "higher, faster, stronger" Olympic spirit, embodies the "spirit of the times, green culture, harmony, innovation, breakthrough and beyond, out of the development of sports a underdeveloped areas of the road to success, created with strong characteristics of the plateau international sports brand, set up the world, gathered in Qinghai soon become the bridge, let the world know Qinghai, Qinghai make a window to the world, has become the new impetus to the development and progress of Qinghai.


of the tournament in order to "green, humane, harmonious" as the theme, in the beautiful Qinghai Lake as the center, further extended to a large population of southern and Eastern Gansu, panoramic display unique natural scenery of Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, actively promote the ecological concept of low carbon, environmental protection, healthy and civilized fully; reflect the northwest unique ethnic folk customs, historical implication, cultural diversity, economic and social development achievements and provinces sports cooperation prospects; inspire the people to participate in fitness exercise enthusiasm, positive energy transfer of reform and development, national unity and social harmony, enhance the visibility and reputation of provinces.

sports is an important symbol of social development and human progress, while creating spiritual wealth for society, but also can stimulate the rise of some related industries. As one of the most unique international road cycling race brand, "Lake Race" is riding sports show, is also a platform for exchange and cooperation, it is in the name of sport, people of different countries and different regions, different nationalities, different cultures come together, as well as Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia to carry out cultural and sports cooperation and exchanges with international provides a stage.

passion ignite dreams, cooperation to create brilliant. We have to do a good job of the lake race, and constantly enhance the international competition, specialization, market-oriented level, to attract more people to participate in the event, to promote universal fitness. To run the race around the lake "and the spirit of philosophy, is applied to every aspect of economic and social development, to open cooperation, promote reform and development, promote the transformation, promote the development of world cycling, promoting economic and social development of provinces.

we believe that with the International Cycling Union and the relevant state ministries, provinces have cooperation, with broad participation of all sectors of society, the thirteenth Lake race will be more wonderful and successful, success, race around the lake – a China along with the western development strategy and the birth and development of sports events, will develop, continue to grow, to glory!


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