2013 Xining ten news announced today

January 16th, the 2013 year of the most popular attention of the people of Xining’s "Top Ten News" was announced.

– Xining introduced 15 provisions turn style

– cool Xining finalists in the global summer city

– 16 billion 700 million yuan of financial funds to protect people’s livelihood

– large Nanshan China Habitat Environment Award

– the first Chinese Dance lotus bloom Xining


is a news of people’s livelihood well-being of people, a piece together with tens of thousands of people will once again warm people livelihood, clear memory, touched a heart of Xining.

Xining introduced 15 provisions turn style, this news topped Xining’s top ten news list. A 74 year old resident Yan Yonglin said in the letter, Xining city issued 15 regulations turn style, all government will move to the site and report to the people, please review the people "and other news events, let people deeply feel the government and the masses more closely, input" positive energy for work"! 2013, Xining’s largest, best, the most beautiful news too numerous to mention, as a Xining people are very happy, very excited, very proud.

iron pollution Polish Xining blue sky, creating a new city to bring vitality to Xining,  , the first public rental into the hands of the needy…… These involved in Xining politics, economy, culture, livelihood and other aspects of the news event list one by one, becoming the focus of attention of the public in 2013.

at the same time, a "dark horse" – Xining’s economy bucked the trend of healthy development, this news has been touted by the people, stand out from the 25 candidate news! "This shows that the city in 2013 to seriously implement the new requirements for the work of the Xining provincial Party committee, and play in the province of Xining, the reform and opening up, economic development demonstration leading role in the construction of spiritual civilization, the window function, the social stability, has been further improved on the economic and social development of the province’s contribution." This report to many of the "Xining Evening News" loyal readers left a deep impression, we have voted for the news of a sacred vote.

2013, Xining grasp economic construction, one hand to improve people’s livelihood, in the economic indicators hit a record high, while the people’s happiness index continues to rise.

is a new change to showcase new achievements in the 2013 annual Xining economic and social undertakings made the urban and rural people’s lives, to further strengthen the construction of peoples life of the city, the city of happiness and the confidence and determination to deepen reform to create atmosphere of public opinion. At the end of 2013, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department decided to join the Xining evening news, Xining TV, Xining people’s broadcasting station, municipal government website in the city organized the 2013 most concerned about the people of Xining "Ten News contest, on 2013 the city;

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