Let the summer hiking more beautiful positive energy transfer

"nofollow cool Xining international foot Festival shot" away "". Li Xiaogang in July 20th 2013 held in Xining "Chinese dream Valley cool cup" International Walking Festival, some warm fragment every hour and moment make people feel that mutual aid is a kind of love, let your life more beautiful city will create a civilized city. Refuse to pick up without leaving regrets although the foot Festival is a sport event involving thousands of people, but the reporter found along the way, the players did not leave any garbage left. Reporters saw, to participate in the experience of some of the elderly side of the game, while the roadside grass garbage, bottles picked up into the garbage bag. A team leader told reporters on foot, usually members are very concerned about environmental protection, especially since the founding of the city, many of the concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people, doing so is entirely due to habit. And his companions rushed to the end of the day in the morning, after 2 hours and 53 minutes of the game, the players from Liaoning Wang Xuejun and Beijing players from hand to hand to the end of the road to go to the end of the day. It is understood that the first to reach the masses to experience the two players at the foot of the race is also hand in hand to the end of the joint. Wang Zehua told reporters that the game is more important in the plight of the embodiment of mutual assistance between people, which is the spirit of all sports events advocated. After a couple of hours of competition for a companion, some players have blisters on their feet when they reach the finish line, while others have leg cramps. Reporters saw, when the players to sit down after a lame leg, next to the players will take the initiative to assume the responsibility of the masseur, to help the players seated feet. Medical rescue team staff Zhuang Xiaoqing told reporters, mutual help screen on the way the game can always see some mutual help, some help bag, some cheer, warm scenes, often convey positive energy. (author: Wang Qiong)

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