Good teaching Chengguan Dong Xia modesty Huang Jia Zhai five towns to carry out food safety rect

recently, good teaching, roots Chengguan, Dong Xia four Township in the region to carry out the "city" and "green", village cadres training time, actively carry out the area of food safety special rectification publicity and training work.

Chengguan town for the timely response to deal with the "Town God’s Temple" during the outbreak of food and public health events, the development of the town of public health emergency plan. To set up the town party secretary general director, JP, Chengguan town government, the second people’s Hospital of Datong County, Chengguan town police station, industrial and commercial center, schools and other units responsible for members of the emergency command center, clear to start "emergency" event report scope, procedures, division of responsibilities.

Liang Xiang Township in July 12th to carry out the special rectification inspection work within the township, the focus of remediation work is the school, nursery surrounding environment, food hygiene and safety work. On the school, kindergarten canteen, canteen, snack Department conducted a supervision and inspection. Inspection team requires operators to establish and improve the purchase records, cable card. Inspection did not find the three noes food, schools, kindergarten canteen operators are holding food and drug regulatory authorities issued a health certificate. Food processing sites in line with health requirements. At the same time, the township held the Township food and drug safety training conference. The meeting chaired by the executive vice mayor Chai Zhongbao, director of the village, 12 village of the Township food safety information, Food Safety Coordinators and township in the village of 56 people attended the meeting. The conference invited the county health authority deputy director Comrade Li Changfa, interim provisions in Datong County Rural food safety management running the feast of running the feast of rural consumer food safety tips and running the feast of rural food safety responsibility so as to make a detailed explanation. Vice mayor Chai Zhongbao asked the village to strengthen running the banquet food safety supervision work, improve food safety awareness and understanding, to ensure that the majority of the villagers’ food health and safety. The contractor must fill in running the feast of rural for the record table, the audit, submitted to the Township food safety office registration, information officer will cook village village for registration, Village Township information combined with food safety office staff to the scene to see, to start the banquet. Through training, the participants of the rural running the banquet food safety management responsibilities clear, improve the understanding, agreed that it is the summer tent treat running the banquet peak, organized by the food safety training to eliminate food safety hazards, to timely role security accidents.

Dong Xia Zhen Yuan Dun Zi Cun "held in Qingmiaohui" activities, from July 9, 2012 to July 12th, led by the deputy mayor, the joint industry and commerce, yamen Village police station, on the "Yuan Dun Zi Cun Qingmiaohui" venue stalls, rural tourism sites, restaurants, a butcher, and densely populated public places to carry out the food and drug safety inspection, increase inspection efforts, the implementation of the three place "check in place, staff in place, rectification in place, security problems timely rectification. This inspection personnel were deployed 18 people (Times), check the commodity retail meat 15, 21, 5, Roast Chicken duck,;

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