General Office of the general office of the provincial government to convey the spirit of the import

8 25, the provincial government office held an enlarged meeting of the party, to convey an important speech to study general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai. Deputy governor of the provincial government, the secretary general, party secretary Yang Fengchun presided over the meeting, and the provincial government office system in-depth study and implement the important speech made arrangements.

meeting stressed that the general secretary of the work of Qinghai put forward four solid, the core requirement is to hope that the construction of Qinghai well-off civilized and harmonious beauty, which also put forward new and higher requirements for government work. The general office of the government is responsible for the important task of ensuring the daily operation of the provincial government, but also in the forefront of learning and implementation. A comprehensive study of the original text, systematics. All Party members and cadres to the original local learning, word for word to understand, and with the general secretary of the series of important speech, effectively the general secretary of the important speech deeply understand. Two to contact the actual lead learning, in-depth study. Leading cadres should be the first step in learning a shoot, drive all Party members and cadres to learn speech. To work closely with the office of the government and the actual situation, control the four solid major requirements, looking for gaps, improve ideas, and further enhance the ideological level and working level. Three to work together to set measures to implement. In accordance with the provincial government arrangements, conscientiously study and implement the important speech of the investigation, the relevant departments to strengthen the coordination of government, formulate implementation measures, a clear division of responsibilities, strengthen supervision and inspection, for the provincial government to implement the general secretary of the important speech to provide quality and efficient service.


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