North of the city to speed up the process of governance according to law

this year, the north of the city to fully implement the rule of law in accordance with the law, efforts to improve the quality of civil law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, to create a good legal environment for the development of the north.
A is started "65" law, according to different groups with emphases and steps to carry out legal education, create a favorable legal environment and abiding by the law in the whole society. Through the issuance of promotional materials, hanging banners, holding legal training, received legal advice and other ways to promote the publicity of laws and regulations, the village (neighborhood) Committee of democratic construction, improve the village (neighborhood) is laid the foundation of democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision. Two is to carry out the law into the activities of the seven. In order to achieve the full coverage of law enforcement cadres propaganda law, the beginning of the 1 phase of the region’s core law training courses organized by the region’s 1567 public officials to participate in the "Qinghai Provincial Legal Education Ordinance" answer activities. Issued "legal education of teenagers reading" 10 thousand volumes to the region’s youth, promote minor learning law abiding consciousness. In the area of manufacturing, distribution, trade, accommodation and other industries to carry out legal publicity activities to further strengthen and standardize the management of enterprises and management personnel awareness of the law. Three is to strengthen the basic judicial work. By means of modern science and technology as the basis, the opening of the "community correction management education SMS platform", in a timely manner to the community correction objects provide various information services, strengthen legal education, service and management of community correction objects more timely, effective, in place. Actively extend the people’s mediation, relying on social management innovation of grid management, the region’s 23 communities were divided into 133 grids, each grid coordination group established in the region, the people’s mediation team reached 456, to carry out the work to lay a solid foundation to resolve contradictions and disputes.


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