How to deal with the brand stocks

. Once formed, want to make money, it is no easy thing, you need to take advantage of natural operators, so as to let these Weihuo bring certain returns for operators. General such goods, do not spread the popular, if novice into such goods, stick to it is not business, recommend replacement, if all of your money all the pressure on the exchange in what it? Take me to sell brand stocks!

is generally divided into the following situations: first, it can not sell the goods, or the price is lower than the wholesale price, the wholesale price to sell or, worse as long as the customer offer the money to sell. This is the next move. Generally not much money. All the goods in the poor business day, the interest will be less, because your daily expenses and meals, are losing money. So, as soon as possible to clear it, or lower than the price of goods to others.

loss is no way thing, loss is a loss, but at least not lose too much. Can clear out the goods or to lose money, can become the key to the next step of the business, can get other goods. In general, experienced a failure to take the goods second times will not get that bad sell unsalable goods.

two, although the front of the goods sold, has been losing money, but also the remaining funds, if get a good selling point of the goods, not sell the goods before collocation to sell together, the front is not good to sell goods less to sell some collocation of goods inside. In this way, not only saves the cost, but also to make money. This is the so-called even if the loss, but also to earn interest back, loss of time, learning is experience.

three, after the goods back, all the goods to sort out. According to their own experience with the previous sales experience to re select the goods, divided into the possibility of good selling, general, bad three categories. Then in the sale of time to do their own mind, for example, is a good selling goods to make money, the customer does not. There are other customers to. So this kind of goods can not be sold at the price must reach their hearts to sell the price. Relative to the general class, you can earn less. Because customers need to be relatively less. As for the poor sales of the product should pay attention to. Do I bother to store yards off this project clothing clearance, clearance rate and quantity can make money depends on the good sales of such goods.

if a batch of goods sold are sold out, but in the hands of 1/4 of the bad to sell. Then the goods is not to earn what money, so a batch of goods is back to my side to sell not sell side, code number small style is not good, as long as someone asked someone I would not consider price to sell, even if the loss point. At least the principal is back. Then you can make money on other good things. No matter what street vendor selling personally think that as long as the society handling poop won’t earn money. My principle is that you have to earn

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