Xining 28 junctions HD electronic police posts

reporter 20, learned that this year, Xining will update some of the electronic police camera, while the last two years have been set up in the 27 junctions of the electronic police facilities in the direction of the integration of the 86 integrated into the public security command center.

since January 1st of this year, Xining city in the intersection of 28 new high-definition electronic police capture system, increase the intensity of the rectification of off-site violations. After the upgrade of the electronic police powerful, high definition, vehicle images photographed not only can clearly distinguish the vehicle license, and can clearly see the logo, the facial features of passengers. It is understood that 28 HD electronic police are mainly distributed in the urban main roads, crossroads, traffic dead, will effectively solve the problem of insufficient traffic police and traffic management increasingly heavy. In addition to the new posts of high-definition electronic police capture traffic violations, will be based on information collected by the vehicle, to provide the basis for criminal investigation, traffic accident investigations, will also cooperate with the new rules for the remediation of illegal parking, forbidding vehicles into the forbidden line, line overtaking, not according to the provisions of lane traffic violations city of serious and often leads to traffic jams. According to the reporter, in addition to the electronic police camera, this year the city will also update the 41 intersection of electronic police HD capture equipment; east of the Yangtze River Road, West Lake Road, South Kunlun Road, north to the 71 Road, victory road, Haiyan road within the 27 intersection signal integrated control system construction. (author: Zhao Linsong)

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