Goyoshi Goyoshi how Korean food business

Korean cuisine brand in the South Korean cuisine is a well-known brand, widely praised by consumers. Of course, investment favored investment projects, then the brand exactly how?

I Ji Han Korean cuisine project introduction

I Ji Ji Korean cuisine is precisely by virtue of authentic Korean cuisine, in the Chinese market, the harvest of a huge consumer groups, the harvest of hot business, harvest the wealth of the catering industry. Featured cuisine, Han Feng quan. Goyoshi Goyoshi Korean cuisine from the characteristics of the start, whether it is the service etiquette, decoration style or the production of dishes, taste, etc., are adhering to the essence of the Korean food culture, exudes a rich Korean style. The unique flavor of the Korean barbecue, a variety of hot and sour pickled cabbage, mellow filled the unique taste of the Korean bibimbap, Hot pot meal; various delicacies let people drool. Goyoshi Goyoshi is the core of Korean cuisine sauce, its unique traditional crafts and do not pass secret recipe to ensure a unique taste. Delicious and healthy Wuji Korean food has been vigorously pursued by people, the reason lies in the advocating natural and healthy diet, the production process, process and ingredients are extremely elaborate store dining environment also reflects the strong Korean flavor, and staff clothing from interior decoration to catering have professional design unique style, of personality. Fresh Korean flavor, melodious Korean music, so that you can not enjoy the country can not only enjoy the Korean romantic style and fashion.

my Korean cuisine has always adhere to the "cultural heritage, relying on the brand, chain operations as a weapon", based in China, facing the world. Goyoshi Goyoshi Korean cuisine through the establishment of the national logistics and distribution center, for its hundreds of stores unified distribution materials. The structure is clear, the content is rich, the function is clear, has created the brand-new Goyoshi Goyoshi Korean cuisine.

Wu Ji Wuji Korean cuisine beyond the concept of pure Western-style food, with its unique delicacy culture concept, leading the trend of the China Western-style food culture; the unique cultural elements to create a fashionable dining environment, in the "new Express" Western-style food reader survey, Goyoshi Goyoshi, South Korea has ranked among the "best material evaluation of the restaurant" and you want to go to the restaurant "list, was named" model Chinese style restaurant".

my name: Korean food cooperation conditions:

1, franchisees must agree with the concept of the brand, agree with all of the brand, and accept Goyoshi Goyoshi Korean cuisine and a set of business model;

2, the franchisee must meet certain qualifications, must be industrious, hard-working, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, coordination ability and business management, the ability to have the ambition to grow my Kyrgyzstan Wuji Korean cuisine undertakings;

3, as

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