Do business can not trust strangers

in the process of the shop business, because some customers frequented, though not very well, but the owner acquainted, shopkeepers would think that this is a familiar person, because of this attitude, in fact very gullible. Qi grandmother is not old, just 45 years old grandmother. She opened a shop alone, but also on behalf of the sports lottery.

old to patronize a black guy very amiable. Guy come every day to buy a pack of cigarettes and then play a few seven digit lottery. In the course of contacts, and he is familiar with the grandmother qi. Busy time he not only personally playing the lottery, but also help the other friends buy a ticket. Every time he carey explained the account.

that time, the black woman borrowed money from her. Said the girl kindergarten school, the bank took the money on a regular basis. Please help Granny Qi three thousand, half a month to return. He also did not pay back the maturity of the credit, and returned to the two hundred interest. Later the odd borrowed several times to interest.

that day, black face over, said the old father. To go to Shanghai for surgery, ask grandma Qi can borrow twenty thousand. Grandma Qi was a little worried, but the flood of sympathy. Think of someone else’s money to help save money can help. She was not enough cash to go to his son to bring a little black. Black vowed, a month must return, the old way to pay interest.

who wanted black from his unit to Not the least trace was found. like a clay ox entering the sea, if people say do not know this person, play lottery friends complain they borrow money……

author comments, Qi grandma is not familiar with this person? Seemingly not, before playing for so long time to deal with, can not say not familiar with. However, Qi grandma know this person? I do not know, it is such a familiar stranger, easy to make people fooled. So, don’t trust a familiar stranger. Even though you think you are familiar, you still can’t touch others. Liar two times after the temptation to let you relax vigilance to start borrowing. Don’t lend money to strangers in order to avoid unnecessary loss.

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