Jiang Hua County in Hunan Yongzhou city to increase employment and entrepreneurship service efforts

in order to promote employment and entrepreneurship services, and now all over the country to provide a number of government policies to help many people realize their dream of employment and entrepreneurship. In short, this year, Hunan city of Yongzhou province Jiang Hua County Employment Bureau continued to increase employment and entrepreneurship service efforts, strengthen measures to push forward the work of business loans, to truly implement policies that benefit the masses, to really get benefits.

strengthen propaganda. The use of television, s, leaflets, posters, policy advocacy day, policy advocacy into the community and other ways and activities to increase the intensity of the entrepreneurial loan policy advocacy. The masses are most concerned about, the most urgent need to understand the problem, making a "loan process" paper to understand, explain in detail the business loan scope, application conditions, application materials, application procedures and so on, make the policy known to every family, people.

strengthen supervision. In order to ensure that the loan funds can be implemented, and effectively serve the people’s livelihood, strengthen supervision and strict loan approval, put an end to the payment of rights, human relationships and relationships. Adhere to the "five card" in the loan approval process, namely the identity card, residence booklet, marriage certificate (unmarried certificate), employment unemployment registration certificate, business license, rent (to) contract, strict approval, to confirm whether the applicant meets the policy conditions.

intensive training. In order to improve entrepreneurial skills, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, to help more entrepreneurs to achieve success in business, entrepreneurship training and micro credit organically, from participating in the training, selection, project business guidance to provide loans to support, Follow-Up Services and other sectors to achieve a "one-stop" service, forming the linkage mechanism of entrepreneurship training + small loan ". Up to now, Jiang Hua County Employment Bureau has organized SYB entrepreneurship training 35, the 979 free to participate in entrepreneurship training, the issuance of small loans secured by $26 million 510 thousand to support the work of urban and rural workers in the 346, driven by employment of 1426 people.

in order to be able to give the masses to create a better employment environment, but also help more people realize their ambitions, the Jiang Hua county government can be said to be paid a very large effort to get this achievement of the local employment career, is to help people achieve their dreams.

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