Hot pot shop investment project how sipping Xiabu

hot pot restaurant to choose what brand is better? Small shop do you recommend sipping Xiabu Hot pot. Here’s a look at the franchise brand!

sipping Xiabu established ten years ago, has been unremittingly in the unique taste, product quality, food procurement, nutrition and health, satisfactory service, brand building on tillage Buchuo, and strive to break through the bottleneck of Chinese quantization, has formed a large-scale management process and unified standard, forming a beautiful landscape in the domestic Chinese fast food field. Next let us know, sipping xiabu.


stores market prospects sipping Xiabu Hot pot? What project support can be given to investors?


joined sipping Xiabu prospect

first, adhere to the pursuit of taste core competitiveness

sesame sesame oil and other key ingredients for sipping Xiabu from self built factory, all the raw material procurement or grade products. In addition, the combination of traditional and modern technology, that is, the achievements of the classic taste and ensure a healthy fresh.

two, adhere to the origin of strict quality

according to the different characteristics of sipping Xiabu ingredients, season of the year to arrange food experts throughout the country to conduct field surveys of purchasing, resolutely eliminate counterfeit materials. Ensure that customers are safe, fresh and healthy.

three, adhere to standardized operation to ensure the quality of uniform

will operate as chain sipping Xiabu enterprise operation mode. From the ingredients to appliances, and even a toothpick by the central headquarters of the unified purchase and distribution of the kitchen, to ensure that all aspects of all the branches to achieve a unified high standards, high quality, to ensure the interests of customers.


joined Xia sipping preserved

1, trademark, business model, enjoy sipping Xiabu technology secret, goodwill and other rights;

2, enjoy the characteristics of research and development of new products and the right to sell;

3, get the help of site selection, market research, business planning, procurement and distribution, as well as operational guidance support;

4, the training of the receiving system, with proven successful experience to run their own business.

5, ready to decorate the model, the overall design of the store, a unified image of the VI, can quickly start the franchise;

6, get the complete shop before sipping Xiabu >

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