Fish sauce to join the cost

do you know how to eat this brand? Do you know how much it costs to join the fish? If you want to know, please follow the small series down.

snacks long-term popular in the food market, big squid snacks delicious, crisp, welcomed by the market, fish sauce, rich products, squid series, series of drinks, snacks, hot to detonate. Fish to eat squid sauce to join, 60 seconds out of the meal, the pair of 1 training, the 2 can open a shop, turn table rate is high, business is hot!


fish sauce to join the cost of introducing

venture shop: investment costs 18800 yuan + annual operating service fee + $2000 + entrepreneurial beliefs and determination

standard store: Investment fee of 25800 yuan + annual operating service fee of $2000 + success perseverance and courage

flagship store: investment costs 32800 yuan + annual operating service fee + $2000 + create wealth confidence and courageous

to join the fish sauce to eat, the headquarters has a sound system to join the security. Fish sauce to eat headquarters, 360° support, help.

unified brand image, free renovation program, opening shop guidance, tracking service

management planning, three-dimensional advertising, strict regional protection, tailored marketing activities

first-hand information sharing, performance feedback, long-term technical training, professional store guidance

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