2017 chicken year years rich tourists away to Port Arthur

Spring Festival to a lot of people are looking forward to go home for the new year, but it is undeniable that, with the development of the times, the flavor of the Spring Festival more and more light, but not every place is like this! Chicken Spring Festival cultural feast, Lushunkou District taiyanggou rich cultural industry park of Dalian City, the tourists strolling in the museum, a hundred years of construction, a piece of historical relics, inspiring, open horizons, let visitors feel culture taiyanggou deep and rich history and culture. Enjoy leisure in taiyanggou, enjoy the slow life comfortable in winter.

Arthur taiyanggou is a unique regional Chinese rain modern history of hundred years of war baptism, the Kwantung Army headquarters site, Lushun Museum of history, the Sino Soviet friendship tower…… A block of old buildings silently recorded the process of the two wars in the modern history of China and the world, and Alexeyev, Luo Zhenyu, Pu Yi, and so on…… One of the historical figures, of magic, gorgeous historical stories.

in recent years, Lushunkou District of Dalian City, earnestly implement the protection and rescue first, rational utilization, strengthening management "principle, strengthen the historical and cultural protection management work comprehensively, out of a unique and effective protection of the history of new ways, not only retains the long history and cultural heritage, and the modern civilization is the vitality of the city, to achieve a win-win economic and social development and protection.

new tourist attractions for tourists and the new choice of tourism, Lushunkou scenic spots play cultural tourism brand, carey designed cultural carriers, so that visitors have a cultural year. During the Spring Festival, the museum has launched a museum of Western photography exhibition, a frame in the early 20th century, the image of the sun channel showed a hundred years, so that the world of video games in the growth of young tourists forget.

in the music Pavilion, wax cylinder record collection, from million copies of each record stage select gold and silver records, vinyl records, film record presents a sound recording history, came from the European tourism team listened to music fancier wax cylinder phonograph in the voice of a hundred years ago, the gramophone museum the phonograph record and amazed, through good sound and broadcast software in France family to share. Lushun Museum as a national museum,

2017 chicken year years Lushun flavor, let tourists away, in order to better meet local people’s spiritual needs, while meeting the tourist mood during the Spring Festival launched the Centennial celebrations of the year drama "said the painting a collection of Lushun Museum exhibition" a dream of Red Mansions album, exhibited by the late Qing dynasty sun Wen and Sun Yunmo meticulous carey draw the 230 picture of a dream of Red Mansions, attract many enthusiasts and scholars are attracted to visit the. This year, Lushun sun ditch Cultural Industrial Park plans to invest one hundred and ninety-five million yuan to build a total of 2.14 square kilometers of panoramic Qu Wenbo industry and the West courtyard complex cultural and Creative Industrial Park, to create recommendations

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