Ge mind Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce brand

in recent years, the rise of the food and beverage market in the form of food and drink on the flesh of a group of people, to say the things up? As long as the ingredients used on the right, a little seasoning will be able to produce delicious food. Today we recommend this one delicacy is with the related projects, with Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce

Ge Ji

Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce originated in Henan of Xinxiang, created by Mr. Li Wuqing, the 65 year old Li Wuqing to the North Korean border, the army in Tibet. The old man said that year in Sichuan when he tasted Shu Hot pot delicious, then north to Beijing, often to eat mutton slices cooked in hot pot to donglaishun. He also likes to eat pondering on the north and south of the two flavors of hot pot together, more suitable for the taste of the people of the central plains. For a long time, he really figured out y reflects the Chinese temperament and character Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce Hot pot.

Ge Hutchison Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce brand

Ge Hutchison Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce development prospects are very good, now on the market Hot pot brand very much, mostly do not have what difference, so consumers are in dire need of a special nutrition Hot pot delicacy, Ge Ji Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce make up such a gap in the market, it tastes more popular, and the soup is delicious, nutritional value rich, natural will develop very well.

Remember the

Ge Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce was featured in the way of making braised, inherits hundred year, made Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce is very delicious. As a fine food, its nutritional value and fitness function is self-evident. The sheep is pure herbivores, so more beef mutton meat should be tender, easy to digest, high protein, low fat, fat containing phospholipid, with pork and beef are small, low cholesterol, is one of the most delicious cold winter warming, can have the dual effect of nutrition and cold.

Ge Hutchison Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce passed a health concept, all mutton are from grassland, take stocking form, ensure mutton taste and delicious meat, lamb chops, lamb pot all are fresh goods, without adding sheep scorpions, sheep neck any such miscellaneous bone, ensure the original flavor eat, drink two bowls of mutton, mutton soup, the people will feel very warm.

natural food and beverage industry, hunger breeds discontentment, life, eat first. In the popular food variety, Ge mind Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce important, become a popular form of consumption, with good economic and social benefits, is a good choice for entrepreneurs to join the.

hopes to remember above Ge Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce introduction, you can simply understand the brand, what if there are other issues you know, please in the message below our website, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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