How to success

in our life, business with a small capital entrepreneur, has always been very much. It is not very easy to be successful in the long night. Want to know the project is the key to join. Next, let us look at the success of entrepreneurship should choose what kind of join the project!

1, for women

Jewish commercial law: if you want to make money, you must aim at women. Because men make money, women spend money. A man’s interest is not in the custody and use of (household goods) money, but on the money; custody and use (purchasing household goods) is a woman thing.

2, go for money Quartet

is the natural character of Jews for money. They not only themselves, rushing into a powerful and unconstrained style, traders sell, but also to encourage others to do so. Jewish businessmen East hit West, fought in the north and south, a wide range of contacts, made a sum of large and small trade. In the context of today’s globalization should be doing business in the Quartet, to earn eight money".

3, 78: 22 rule

78: 22 rule is a natural law, such as, men make up the world’s 78% of the money, women consume the world’s money of 78%. Again, such as clothing, catering, construction, jewelry, drugs and other 22% industries, basically accounted for about 78% of the cost of living, therefore, Jewish businessman traditional business areas are mostly concentrated in food, clothing, jewelry, architecture, medicine, especially in women and children’s products.

4, mouth service

Jews believe that the distribution process should aim at people’s mouths, do mouth business, which is related to the business of eating. In short, the Jewish advocate operating vegetable shops, grocery stores, grocery stores, snack shops and fruit shops, etc., because these businesses will make money. Generally speaking, the main Jewish restaurant, bars, nightclubs and other open. Because eating is one of the most basic needs of mankind, with the improvement of the level of consumption, consumers are also eating with the times, only to meet the basic needs of the public products have a huge space for development.

5, with the brain to make money

only the wisdom of making money is true wisdom. Jews believe that making money is the most natural thing. Jewish businessmen to make money with wisdom to win, with the brain to make money, that is to say, to make money for the wisdom of wisdom. We learn to recognize the value of consumers, to meet the consumer’s self-esteem, to create market demand.

6, expand new channels


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