How to make jewelry stores back

In fact,

business is not a simple investment, want a better business, need to pay attention to the many aspects of it, due to the improper operation, many jewelry store is facing a crisis, this crisis is not lifted, it is the impact of the store’s business. In response to this problem, only to find out the problem, the development of appropriate solutions, so as to make jewelry store back to life. Specifically how to do it? Need to start from the following 7 aspects:

1, first of all to re adjust the product system: headwear, jewelry, daily necessities and cosmetics and cosmetics tools.

in conjunction with the product must pay attention to: headgear to the whole, jewelry to fine, department stores to be strange, cosmetics to be used. This is the general direction of further analysis, such as tire, the headdress of the current mainstream: ordinary rope, headdress flower, hairpin, ring, headband, word folder, banana clip, frog clip, and each kind of style and a thick thin, transparent, seamed, seamless, the owner must in all styles and the colors are covered to the case, try to buy black headdress.

2, the owner but also according to different consumer grade customers, set up a clear product echelon.

products such as 1~10 yuan accounted for 25%, 11~30 yuan of products accounted for 40%, 31~60 yuan of products accounted for more than $60, more than $15% of products accounted for 20%.

3, strengthen propaganda.


please 1~2 clerk, uniform dress, uniform above the slogan; do not consider the commercial street outside the individual, because customers usually don’t have to a car or a special home accessories shop, shop should rely on the flow of people near to operate, so pay special attention to the main shop signage design, brand shop, shop outreach the environment, in order to attract the attention of customers.

4, in marketing, we must put an end to bargain.

mentioned earlier, the price impact on the store’s little profit, but will form a misunderstanding of the store customers. The owner can do regular promotional activities, a special offer products such as float in front of the store display, the purchase price is cheap, cost-effective products unified "two a" or "five yuan a" for sale.

can store two poly popularity, is driving sales; in addition, the store can also carry out the "two for one", "three for two" activities, such as buying a scarf, a hat, a pair of earmuffs; buy a box of a lipstick, eye shadow, blush a box, send a the cosmetic brush, side mirror, activities and so on, and strive to make customers feel benefits.

5, the main push of the jewelry worn on the doll, placed in the window position.

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