The arrival of the two child policy reproductive technology to carry out the in Hefei

in the past few years, many families have only one child, but with the arrival of aging, two child policy in 2015 began to release. January 2nd, the 2017 Sino US Summit on reproductive technology medicine and technology innovation and application of the two child in Hefei, the meeting invited the country’s best doctor Dr. Ashim Kumar, vice president of the United States and the United States, Qin Yi, director of the 105th people’s Liberation Army Hospital Reproductive Center physician Jiang Hong and other well-known experts in China and the United States to do academic exchanges, to discuss the application and innovation of the technology of the two child era. The meeting was jointly organized by the Anhui daily news, the world health , the u.s..

it is understood that IVF treatment strategies for this academic forum around the elderly, infertility treatment technology and other related issues, from the academic concept, data collection, sharing of results and various clinical use. Two children on the application of technology and innovation and other related topics for discussion. Experts will also be in the field with the needs of the audience face to face communication, answer questions, explain the service process and service of the u.s..


of Anhui Province Maternal and Child Health Association Shen Minxiang said in his speech, in 2016 officially opened the two children age, the number of older mothers increased, increased mortality, this meeting is effective to promote maternal and child health in Anhui province. Shen Minxiang stressed the need to strengthen the gynecology, pediatrics and obstetrics infrastructure, improve service quality, promote the dissemination of health knowledge. Increase the safety awareness of the people, do a good job of prenatal preparation, reduce cesarean section rate. Infertility patients should go to regular institutions, active treatment.

two child policy to come, China and the United States in the development of reproductive technology in Hefei, so that more people with the needs of the two children can embrace the two children, bid farewell to a series of fertility problems in! Meanwhile, Chen Xiukui, vice president of Anhui commercial news agency, said that since the release of the two child era, the birth risk of older women began to be widespread concern. The Sino US summit is aimed at medical reproductive technology, fertility problems existing at present, invited many experts to discuss, invited a number of media publicity, increase public awareness of the elderly family risk, timely prevention.

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