Authentic French bread tastes delicious delicious taste

France, the world’s leading romantic capital, of course, is also a famous food city. There are a lot of delicious food in France, especially baking food, in the world famous. The world’s most famous traditional food, bread. Authentic French bread by more and more people to pursue a healthy diet attention and favor in China’s growing consumption.

in France, the bread is like sunshine, air and water, like the general and delicious; whether in the small dining room or restaurant, there is one thing is absolutely no less, that is bread. Who is not divided into men and women, old and young, rich and poor. Butter to eat breakfast, afternoon tea snack, with lettuce, fresh, can also be served with barbecue, steak, French cheese and wine tasting together is a kind of enjoyment, but also can make a sandwich when fast food. The bread is the only thing that the French eat on their hands.

taste authentic French bread feel French culture

according to statistics, 96% of the total method table there is a fragrant bread, people daily meals in the breakfast bread accounted for 60%, lunch and dinner for 81%. At present, the average French consumes 165 grams of bread a day. A total of 34000 bakeries in the country, with an average of every 1800 French residents have a bakery.

commonly known as French bread, generally refers to the traditional staple food bread – BAGUETTE (also known as the law stick). The reason why the stick bread, because it is short, thick and thin like arm, can be like a stick to mention to mention. In addition to flour, yeast, salt and water, no additives. This is the French pride, French bread is well-known throughout the world, mainly is the simple formula, a unique production process.

long stick bread is best enjoyed in an hour after baking. Freshly baked bread is the most suitable for food, Parisian long queues, waiting for bread baked scene is the most common. In France, the shelf life of bread sticks will be 5-6 hours, overnight bread easy to harden is delicious no longer.

French bread skin to golden crisp, but is not strong pull hard pull also without breaking apart a good product, you only need a little hard to break the fingertips. The cutting lines at the cutting edge of the blade are clearly visible; the cutting marks are burst into a uniform and uniform spindle shape, and the adjacent edges between the cracks and the cracks should be integrated with the whole skin. Crumb there should be elastic and moist, to feel soft and smooth, not dregs; inner core should be pleasant creamy white and not white, preferably with silk like luster. Cut the bread crumb could be observed after stomatal size uneven, but the chamber wall is thin, very delicate. A smell of alcohol smell off scrap > gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.

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