Lotus Performs A ‘Spiritualized’ Zelda Theme In Milwaukee Opener

first_imgIt was almost a year ago to the day when Lotus last performed in Milwaukee. Last February 28th, they played a stellar show that was worthy of Wisconsin Public Television. It’s not every day that you can turn on your public access channel and see quality jamtronica! Although last night’s Lotus show won’t be rebroadcast on TV, it was still a heater and was a great way to kick off the two night run at Turner Hall Ballroom.The show opened up with “Suitcases,” an older song that got the crowd moving. They followed with newer tunes “Neon Tubes” and “Cold Facts.” An amazing “Wooly Mammoth” followed. “Mammoth” is one of their older songs, and last night it was played exceptionally well. There is no extreme shredding of the guitar, no samples from any of the band members, nor any loud bass rhythms. The song is slow and very patient, and it allows the band to really improvise and play around with a beautiful groove. Percussionist Chuck Morris’ subtle but crystal-clear tambourine hits lead to the end of the song featuring a blissful guitar lick by guitarist Mike Rempel. Last night the song was executed to musical perfection.Lotus kept the music going. They played good versions of “Age of Inexperience,” “Arupa,” and “Kesey Seed.” They chose to close out the set with fan favorite “Spiritualize.” As soon as the opening synthesizer riffs began, the crowd erupted in jubilation. This “Spiritualize” was no different than many other versions in that it was long and it afforded a jam vehicle for the band. The song got very danceable, and, when nobody was expecting it, they took it into the “Legend of Zelda” theme song. Both video game geeks and Lotus fans alike enjoyed the unique cover choice that has been a staple in their sets for years. After playing both the heroic part of the melody as well as the darker, dungeon theme, they returned to “Spiritualize” to finish the set. A double encore ended the night with smiles all around.While we hope some media of this awesome moment comes to light, here’s footage of Lotus playing the Zelda Theme from 2009:Two night runs are always short but sweet. Last night, Lotus performed well and the end result was a great show. Most in the crowd will probably be returning tonight to see Lotus continue to play in prime form. Tonight they will finish their run in Milwaukee with what will indubitably be an absolute dance party. Cheers to Lotus and cheers to the weekend!Check out the setlist below, as well as a full gallery from Daniel Ojeda:Setlist: Lotus at the Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI – 2/25/16Set: Suitcases, Neon Tubes, Cold Facts, Wooly Mammoth, Age of Inexperience, Arupa, Philly Hit, We Are Now Connected, Kesey Seed, Spiritualize > Legend of Zelda Theme > SpiritualizeEncore: Sunset of the Giant Dipper, Bush Pilot Load remaining imageslast_img

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