Shanghai 2017 college entrance examination enrollment respect for the personality development

annual college entrance examination will always attract people’s attention, so that people are very concerned about. In 2017, Shanghai college entrance examination and what changes? Shanghai Municipal Education Examination Yuan announced the "measures for the implementation of reporting and admission Toudang 2017 college students volunteer in Shanghai" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"). So far, for the 2017 Shanghai college entrance examination how to test the problem, with a more detailed description.

"professional group" in Shanghai by college students (including professional or professional according to different kinds of subjects) requirements and training needs

set, a university can set one or more "professional group", "professional group" each contains the same number of professional, "professional group" in the professional examination subjects should be the same, the same "professional group" in professional transfers.

China Youth Daily · youth online reporters found that many high school students’ parents on the word "professional group" in some confused.

in this regard, Ye Yinzhong, vice president of Shanghai University of applied technology to the school, for example, to the third year students and their parents to explain the "professional group" filling method.

each child is hoping to change their own through the college entrance examination, many times, people will be concerned about the changes in the college entrance examination information. Shanghai city north high school principal Chen Jun also found in the implementation of the education sector hope – voluntary reporting links to respect the right to choose candidates. He believes that this is a signal to the outside world – candidates, parents and schools should pay more attention to students’ personality growth and development needs.

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