How about seven seconds fish ecological fish Hot pot

there is such a statement is the memory of the fish only seven seconds, instantly forget the feeling, in fact, in the face of life, I wish that I also like this, in the face of trouble as long as 7 seconds of memory, face every day is happy. If you can not forget the pain will be sealed, happiness is still, to do things that make us happy, such as eating. Eat a variety of food, such as hot pot cooking.

The traditional

Hot pot has been unable to meet the diverse needs of consumers, in this context, the fish Hot pot began to pop up in the market, a variety of fish Hot pot to attract consumers, seven seconds of fish is a fish ecological Hot pot very representative of the brand.

company has consistently adhered to the "customer first, integrity-based, best service" business philosophy. We understand the real needs of consumers, we follow the principle of management of "the most important customer first", wholeheartedly provide the best quality service for consumers, management principles advocated "pragmatic innovation, development and win-win". Companies in the continuous exploration and innovation, the spirit of down-to-earth work, Chen Ken, as well as a refined attitude of excellence, won the majority of customers and consumers alike.

seven seconds fish ecological fish pot what are the advantages?

seven seconds fish fish hot pot to join the advantages are as follows:

1, personnel cost advantage: open seven seconds fish fish hot pot franchise stores, the staff needed to reduce production costs. Eat simple, main ingredients fish has the advantages of simple processing, no chef only cut with workers can be opened, but only 2/3 Shabu and personnel service steps common catering, personnel cost is greatly reduced; saving oven large catering equipment, can reduce the amount of fixed cost.

2, decoration advantages: in seven seconds fish fish hot pot restaurant renovation, the headquarters also provide professional guidance to franchisees. Seven seconds fish health fish hot pot has a unique view of the kitchen, to replace the kitchen and dining room aquarium partition, save down the area can be put more than 45% meals, each meal is a source of profit.

3, turn table advantage: seven seconds fish fish hot pot to join, turn table rate is high, more popular in the food and beverage market. Seven seconds fish fish hot pot turn table rate fast, hot for seven seconds to eat, the customer will not be forced to eat fast.

seven seconds of memory to enjoy the culture of fresh fish hot pot brand belongs to the bottom of the pot fried material formula magic unique selection of material attracted a wide range of thousands of repeat customers so that the memory of the brand in seven seconds in the hot pot culture show style. All of the oil is now "green, green" healthy vegetable oil to meet the current pursuit of healthy eating eaters. Secret hot pot flavor flavor unique unique flavor and taste of the product is prominent in the national market development potential is very large

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