To improve the image of the shop will improve store operations net

a shop if you do not change the image, a long time, customers are not willing to enter the door, which will undoubtedly have a very negative impact on the development of the store business. So, if you want to improve the store’s business, in fact, enhance the image of the store will also have a very important role.

unknowingly, I shop has been more than and 20 years. When I shop, the store is a sales points under the supply and marketing cooperatives, no other nearby shops, it is of customers, Business Flourishes. But with the expansion of the city, I shop even to the edge of the city, around the shops, shops and supermarkets such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance. And my shop because of dilapidated houses, the conditions behind the shop and other reasons, the business is a disastrous decline, one day less than a day.

in order to deal with market competition, to restore business, in 2008, I began a comprehensive renovation of the store: I doubled the size of the store, the old wooden shelves into the prevailing corner of the steel frame. In order to highlight the cigarette, I bought a special aluminum alloy counters, shop inside and outside the wall is also decorated a new. In addition, my shop also added a table stool, and a rest area.

such an improvement after the operation of the store to help? The operation of the status quo allows us to truly understand. After re opening, my shop and take on an altogether new aspect, dress shop more clean and more service spirit, more passionate, more abundant types of goods, business began to fire up, increased sales, revenue more than doubled. Especially the cigarette sales, sales revenue growth rate is doubled, just like sesame – jiejiegao, let me secretly!

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