To promote the economic development of Dalian city tourism is awesome

With the gradual improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people go out to travel in leisure time in the daily life, so the development of tourism is very popular in the market. According to the Dalian Municipal Tourism Bureau data show that in 2016 the city’s tourism industry to achieve steady development, index of tourism economic growth, the annual total tourism income of 113 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 12.5%; the total number of tourists 77 million 380 thousand passengers, an increase of 11.74%. Dalian’s tourism industry has become a booster of economic growth".

it is understood that in 2016, Dalian city to increase the effective supply of tourism. Annual tourism projects to restart 56, completed an investment of $14 billion 12 million. Multi pronged approach to stimulate rural tourism, island tourism, hot spring tourism, cruise tourism, self driving travel, charter travel, health tourism and other traditional Chinese medicine consumption. The implementation of Dalian inbound tourism market reception quantitative assessment and incentives to promote tourism consumption, overseas inbound overnight tourists 1 million 50 thousand passengers, an increase of 6.56%, is "12th Five-Year" since the largest increase in a year.

Dalian also increased efforts to grasp rural tourism, accelerate the development of tourism in the whole world. The ascent of the whole Zhuanghe city Heidao town China most beautiful village 6 villages tourism quality. Guide accommodation, leisure farm etc. characteristics of the development of rural tourism products, to create a bed and breakfast, Ziyun flowers flowers Pei Cun Xi Ju min B, Mo pan ecological tourism resort, the small Changshan "sleep box" container Hotel and a number of rural tourism products (island).

promote the development of city economy, the tourism industry in Dalian is very awesome, to an important role in regional economic development. At the same time, Dalian also give play to the pulling effect of tourism festivals on consumption, the formation of the four seasons is not short of tourism trend, Strawberry Festival, international cherry festival, international ski Festival, Dalian hot spring tours Huai, "night cherry blossoms", the first Chinese International (Dalian) seafood delicacy Culture Festival, the first hundred Lantern Festival the first International Festival, flowers, Tianmenshan Mountain Guanglu island the first Island Marathon and other festivals, making the city’s tourism season climax.

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