Gold conjugalbed tank vermicelli join questions

rice noodle is one of the most common but the most demanding food brand project, because there will be a lot of supply in the market demand, which is why there are so many brands to join the brand.

Jin Xiang edge lines, learn from the Chinese food culture heritage, the ancestors of the fire tank can be made in the form of rice. Vermicelli met tank produced delicacy colors, showing excellent delicious noodle, cans of rich food culture China. Soup pot with boiling on the fire, when eating into the rice noodles, soup and rice noodle integration, creating a new concept of Chinese food and drink, the origin of the development of human food culture reproduction.

golden edge of the tank can join the brand

nanowires, "fire pot", chopsticks delicacy combination, let people drink from the source, Lenovo has a long history to Chinese food culture. From the first "rice noodle six Valley", "fire pot" is the crystallization of human wisdom, is the civilized etiquette performance chopsticks. The three will be the perfect combination of Chinese human wisdom, civilization, ritual, showing a unique picture of Chinese food.

nanowires is through special process, carey crafted, the taste is very flexible, with rich soup, through simmered together out of the pot, diners have been tempted. The ingredients of the soup is the golden flavor after several years of careful research, combined with the integration of a variety of Chinese herbal medicine, the secret made into the bag, the soup boil out of the smooth refreshing, but also y retained the nutritional value of food. So what does it need to know?

gold sweet edge tank can join Q & A:

Q: Golden margin of the store style, decoration, how?

A: Jinxiang margin is the implementation of chain management, unified planning, the franchisee can rest assured shop, store decoration design, the company will according to the unified style, designed by professional designers for your store, do a detailed budget for reference, under the premise of ensuring the gold conjugalbed style, reduce investment.

Q: what services are provided by headquarters?

A: services provided by the headquarters, including business district assessment, shop plans, personnel training, business counseling, promotional programs, product development, business management, distribution of goods, etc..

Q: is the headquarters responsible for purchasing equipment? Are employees trained in uniform?

A: equipment provided by the company headquarters unified logistics. Store staff from your own recruitment. Headquarters training. According to the operation of the store and the location of the different, generally require 3-4 employees.


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