Dry cleaning shop how to raise money

whether it is an individual business or choose to join their own entrepreneurial form, we first need to consider the problem is to raise funds to shop. Investing in a shop is a very important issue. Investment in dry cleaning of the source of funds, there are the following aspects: their usual savings, relatives and friends loans, investment partners and bank loans.

1, the accumulation of personal funds to invest in their own business, especially the sole proprietorship and partnership, a considerable part of the funds invested in the personal savings. Accumulation of its own funds mainly rely on savings. If you want to invest in your own business, you should develop a good habit of consumption, to avoid blind spending, eliminate harmful spending, reduce wasteful spending, limit the backlog of spending. Only in this way, you can accumulate more and more. It needs to be reminded that it is not wise to put all of the family’s savings into the dry cleaners. Because investment is a risk, if the dry cleaners do not work, you will put your family into an economic crisis.

2, relatives and friends if there is not enough funds to own a dry cleaning shop, then you have to consider loans to relatives and friends. The advantage of borrowing from relatives and friends is that interest rates are low, or that they do not have to pay interest. In general, it is best to open their own funds in the shop more than 50% of the required funds, so as to avoid the huge pressure due to debt repayment.

3, partners to raise funds to set up shop is another way to find a common venture partners, and partners to invest in partnership. If investors and partners to jointly invest and operate a dry cleaning shop, it is best to find a partner who can work with their partners, in order to achieve the purpose of learning from each other. Avoid all kinds of differences and contradictions between partners. The business partnership, the key is to sign a partnership contract, whether it is between father and son, brothers, friends or colleagues of the partnership, are "brothers out afterwards," the ugly words in front of". Only in this way, in order to build a solid foundation for the development of dry cleaners, to avoid confrontation and conflict between partners, to ensure the continued operation and development of dry cleaners.

4, rely on bank loans for bank loans is a good way to raise money. If you have the appropriate conditions, banks will be happy to provide you with loans. Apply for bank loans for individual and private, must meet the following conditions: one is the approval of the business license issued by the administrative department for Industry and commerce or relevant departments of the documents; two is comply with the provisions of the state policies and decrees the scope; the three must have 30%~50% own liquidity; four is a loan repayment capacity and economic security.

general, venture investment can select one of the following three ways: one is the loan secured loans, to have the strength and credibility of the units for you to provide loan guarantees; two mortgages, with housing and equipment.

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