Nanjing real estate downturn special offer housing and other traditional promotional re debut Netw

rise in house prices this year let us see the eyes, couldn’t believe the numbers change every day, the soaring housing prices, the government is also very awesome have taken a series of measures. Near the end of the year, the Nanjing property market does not seem to pick up signs. The reporter learned from the market on the day before, some "bear" developers gradually launched preferential mode, "special offer housing" and "10% Shoufu" traditional promotion back to the real estate market in Nanjing.

Jiangbei plate Nanjing property market has been a "xiangbobo" in the current round of regulation before, however, since nearly a month, with the real estate market overall downturn, some developers began to worry. Distance from the mouth of the Yangtze River tunnel near the fat fat Center announced on the Internet, currently in the sale of housing will be the implementation of the 10% down payment of preferential policies.

reporter learned that this batch of housing area of 30 square meters to more than and 80 square meters, total price of the cheapest about 500000, "Shoufu 10%" is essentially a deferred payment, developers are given for 10 days to pay 10% down payment, the payment payment within three months, it is equivalent to pay Shoufu time stretched to three months, the attraction to buy how much remains to be seen, I’m afraid.

is also in the Jiangbei, richly Jincheng in the last week, launched several sets of "special offer housing", the equivalent of 6% off discount, which in the past have not appeared; financial innovation park, Zhen Ming FA Yue ting and other real estate also gives some concessions. Jiangning a new plate of a market price of 23 thousand yuan / square meters or so, because the market is not good, housing prices are going to cut prices to 22 thousand yuan / square meters of the horizontal line. Statistics show that Nanjing has more than 20 properties are given preferential measures, some housing prices have tasks on sales this year, some change moves to actively respond to the market, people buy a house after the crazy in the past 2 years in the market to find a "God" feeling.

although prices in a few seemingly no fear of the growth, but under the government’s regulation, effectively curb the momentum of development of the mighty! However, the real estate prices remain still occupy the majority, in Jiangbei example, close to the Yangtze River Tunnel of Binjiang agile international still maintain the average price of 29800 yuan / square meters apartment layout, ranging from 133 square meters to 200 square meters; the north section of the AVIC international community Yanziji prices remain at 25000 yuan / square meters level. Developers said that since opening will not give preferential; while in the west, East and other places, the majority of real estate prices remained stable, market participants pointed out that the first three quarters of this year, the Nanjing property market is better than in previous years, the majority of housing prices to sell pours, and the real estate pricing is strictly limited to the price department, so they can not be given a substantial discount, is expected before the end of the year, the market will continue to maintain the current price level.

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