But 50 thousand new ways to get rich

traditional Chinese painting, oil painting is the essence of art, with the changing times, the market is constantly changing, Shanghai World Expo China Museum highlights that people still remember, a dynamic qingmingshanghetu conquered many people. So what is the value of dynamic painting is not worth investing?

this product will be the traditional paintings with dynamic forms, more realistic, highly ornamental, in line with the current market consumption trends. This product has been tested abroad, reflecting very good, with broad market prospects. read more

Entrepreneurial approach join the chain VS independent Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship shop when the boss, this is a dream of many people. We say we want to start a business. Today, the more common two entrepreneurial way: to join the chain of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. A lot of people in the tangle is a good or good business? In fact, these two kinds of business models, each has advantages and disadvantages.

then let us look at the success of the people is a kind of entrepreneurial approach? "Alibaba" the father of Ma Yun’s achievement let person envy unceasingly, creating a precedent for C2C B2C, successful business model, the company grow fast, Vanke President Wang Shi in 80s, with its unique insights, seize the real estate turning historical opportunity, has now become a China real estate leader, Jason Jiang and Li Xiang, etc. examples of success makes us ponder, so many entrepreneurs are relying on the enterprise, and the success of the original brand, is entrepreneurship is the only choice for read more

2012 online money making project

network now has quietly entered the people’s work and life, many people slowly also cannot do without the network, then start to keep pace with the development of the situation, many people took 2012 online business projects.

online shop item 1: health and beauty products: from the international online shopping market, the health care industry in the online sales of books and music even more impressive than unemployment, purchase of goods, because it can avoid the street people curious eyes and face the salesman, often by people of all ages, to become adults many web sites; read more

Beijing has invested 200 million yuan to help college students entrepreneurship

college students generally lack of funds, in order to solve this problem, a variety of government led financial allocation and participation of private funds. The past two years, Beijing has invested 200 million yuan of financial aid to students entrepreneurship.

in university graduates who experienced the most difficult in the history of employment, the employment rate of graduates of the index once again reduced circumstances, the Municipal Finance Bureau said on 4, Beijing financial expenditure structure adjustment of higher education funding, funding innovative methods of work, at least in recent 2 years has invested more than 200 million yuan for college students’ employment refueling help. read more

A little tea shop cost and profitability analysis

What kind of

catering to join to join the project brand more popular with consumers, Xiaobian this emerging industry is still the hot tea, tea industry has also led to the birth of a large number of tea brand, of which a little tea is a very famous project, high quality and multi variable products to conquer all kinds of consumers, the market. Continuously. More and more entrepreneurs began to plan to join a little milk tea, a little milk to join the fee how much money is the most concerned about this issue, in a little bit of tea on the official website of a little tea to join the cost of detailed instructions. read more

How healthy and delicious steamed buns the whole world

such as steamed stuffed bun, always very popular. Moreover, the breakfast market is also very business opportunities. Steamed buns? Food industry leader, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. Steamed steamed buns? Not only has a very high popularity, but also get a lot of investment franchisee recognition. So, the small business to choose to join steamed steamed buns?

steamed buns from the industry, many brands stand out, follow the traditional technology, continuous improvement, has been leading the fashion trend in the food industry. Now many people know what the world is of course the steamed snack, a very good choice, its delicacy loved by consumers, it tastes varied, consumers can choose according to their own tastes, that can make you satisfied. read more

Cigarette displays which matters needing attention

although the operators of each cigarette shop are trying to learn how to do a good job of cigarette display, but also learned a lot of skills. But most of the time, often because some attention did not pay attention to, it is possible to make cigarette display work is not in place, and thus affect the development of the entire smoke Hotel business. Then, the cigarette displays what note?

1, the sample should be fully displayed, the sample smoke vacancies to be filled in time. General use counter display cigarette at least Liesi Chen more varieties of each line to display the volume reached 11 to 12 species per square metre; such as shelves display each line to display the cigarettes for at least more than eight brands, in order to avoid the monotonous and unobtrusive display; when the display sample by the customer to buy smoke go after pay attention to replenish, OTC, prevent the cigarette vacancies generated supply insufficiency, cigarette store impression cigarette out of stock to a customer. read more

20 thousand and 120 children’s wear investment projects recommended

is now in the family are having fewer children, people’s income increasing, resulting in children’s industry has developed rapidly, so join the children’s clothing, children’s necessities, will have the broad market demand, will be the children and parents trust agreement. However, children’s clothing, not just choose a project can be, the following Xiaobian recommend to you in 2012 the most popular ten investment projects.

1, Kio Korean brand children’s clothing: read more

Mobile phone shell ten brands list the whole

mobile phone shell as a derivative of the phone, because the phone coverage is very high, thus ushered in a huge demand market. In short, our mobile phone communication tool, and we are now virtually everyone has something in order to protect the mobile phone to avoid bumps, we will give the mobile phone with a coat, jacket for mobile phone mobile phone can reflect the choice is also very beautiful, for the ten major brands in hand machine shell you know? The following is a small series to introduce you to the top ten mobile phone brands list. read more