Cao Guowei’s strong life

is a strong need for capital, the knowledge of the news business as well as in the field of finance, investment experience, so that Cao Guowei has a strong reason in sina.

in a dazzling flash, sina CEO Cao Guowei and Google Li Kaifu, vice president of global high up a bottle of oversized red wine, into a huge ice special, congratulations to the Sina and Google strategic partnership, occurred in June 11th of this scene, if you can also visit the conference site see in the sina science channel video. read more

Sony Ericsson DY handmade chocolate join conditions

project management form catering catering industry diversity, self help, DIY and so on, today Xiaobian to all this tasses to join the project of a DIY restaurant brands — Sony Ericsson DIY handmade chocolate. So what is the brand of Sony Ericsson DIY handmade chocolate? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

Sony Ericsson

operation management (Beijing) headquarters under the Senna left international restaurant management group, Silicon Valley group is located in the China strongchina technology building with Microsoft, Sina, Baidu, patriot and other well-known corporate headquarters adjacent to par, which owns Senna Costa on the left bank of coffee, steak, baked Sony Ericsson Belgian chocolate & three international brands. To " dissemination of Western food culture, to build China’s food and beverage brand chain carrier " for the development goals. read more

The three problems that need to be paid attention to

Chinese attaches great importance to education, when the child is small will always let them learn a lot of knowledge, send their children to educational institutions, along with the modern needs of parents on children’s education is more and more big, entrepreneurs also keep an eye on the education industry hidden behind the huge business opportunities and have invested heavily in the. However, in this broad market, investors in order to make the cause of education, the need for education and training to join the preparatory work to do a good job. What are the issues that need to be considered in the selection of education and training? The following by the author to explain one by one. read more

How about joining a fried yogurt shop

yogurt, is now very popular with the public, one of the drinks, yogurt and a unique taste of the benefits of a pile of food, making yogurt become one of the favorite dishes of the public. Yogurt sales at the same time, but it is a huge food and beverage business opportunities. Why do you say that, look at the following data analysis will know.

summer people all love to a cup of cold drink, or a good popsicles, cold drink market has attracted more and more attention to capital. Data show that the national yogurt consumption is growing at an annual rate of 38% or so fast, located in the first batch of more than 30 major beverage sales growth. read more

Guangdong reproduction tyrant wedding car luxury car received more than a bride hung gold bracelet

rich coastal areas in the south, many of them are full of gas trench. Recently, the reproduction of the tyrant wedding ceremony in Guangdong, wearing the style of the emperor’s groom with a number of luxury car received pro, and the bride’s neck is also full of gold bracelets.

1 11 am, a lot of people in Guangdong, Zhongshan circle of friends have been one of the three rural wedding brush burst. The main reason for the excitement is that the whole scene is too luxurious!

participation by the pro people told reporters that the groom is three township native, later moved to Macao, is a 90, "home business, very rich." The bride is from Macao. The public also introduced before the bride and groom have been married for eight or nine years. read more