The nternet is not the whole life

webmaster, are you tired? Are you full of longing for your life? Do you see how the Internet works? Now let’s analyze the Internet and see if the Internet is a thriving gold mine.

, who cares about the Internet? It’s VC. Early VC people put tens of millions into the network, and the result is a dotcom bubble, and as a result, VC is afraid, and they’re out of the network. So who is optimistic about the Internet? Personal webmaster, personal webmaster into the school, and even some family, a head back into the network, get up earlier than chicken, eat worse than pig, sleep later than a dog, do more than a cow. In spite of this, is the personal station afraid? Is it cowardly? No, because the Internet is our life. The Internet is all we have. Can not imagine how far away from the network of days will be monotonous, there is a problem can not Baidu, there is a mood can not vent. The Internet has become our home, so even if we have eaten the last meal, we still adhere to our ideals. read more

Multiple effects analysis of news releases issued by enterprises in news sources

chatted with a friend who worked on road repairs, using a high-tech material that would repair the pavement in 2 hours. He said to his boss, we sent the news on the Internet, publicity about it! The boss asked him what is the effect on the Internet news! He was speechless, because this work belongs to the highway pavement repair area, who can not easily get to live, though their company road repair agent is very good but, really, good reputation, get business, still need some public relations, "the news release on the Internet, like our traditional business, what is the effect?" he asked me. read more

The optimization suggestion of website revision and reconstruction

website and website of each site and reconstruction is every webmaster necessary things, I often hear certain advertising use website, website reconstruction, and what is the website, website, website reconstruction? What is the operating points of the website reconstruction? I was revised to talk a little experience of the web site, reconstruction.

What is the revision of


            website revision means that after a period of time, the site will often find that some places do not do well enough to influence the user experience. In order to let users get better experience effect, the website retains the user, reduces the website to jump out the rate, must revise as soon as possible the website imperfect place to consummate. Such as the design of color, function of the user center, the error of individual pages link clear, and so on. This is the website operation after a period of time, why the website needs revision?. read more

The site was the seven biggest reason for Baidu K


site is Baidu K view one of the reasons cited, webmaster view "may be the Fletcher keyword", the search engine has no ground for blame, which shows that Fletcher is one of the key search engine cheating methods most objectionable, Fletcher keyword is equal to you own death, that is also not so pity to cheat.


site is Baidu K two reasons, citing webmaster "may be more optimal view point, ^_^, Baidu is the most sensitive to site optimization, which is why SEO is now no external reason can optimize the Baidu promised. So for Baidu optimization is the best or not overdo sth.. read more

Scenery there alone good see domestic shopping guide website go from here

Shortly before

Pinterest has just raised $200 million yesterday afternoon, the rebate network also announced the acquisition of $20 million B round of financing, the news seems to make the domestic shopping guide website to see glimmers of hope? In China with the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping become the trend of the times, consumer shopping habits gradually from the bottom line shopping gradually spread to online shopping. Changes in consumer shopping habits, but also gave birth to the electricity supplier shopping guide this intermediary business, you can think of electricity supplier shopping guide industry will be in a high-speed development stage, it seems that there are still so many hitherto unknown business opportunities. read more

Personal Adsense about his years of standing experience

do it for a long time, always feel that there is something in my heart, let me continue to insist that every day and night came, I have no regrets, because these are sad I grew up as a real webmaster. Now tell us, not what I have made brilliant achievements, I want to do for a station webmaster, can also talk about their own station process, which contains a small head of the bitterness, to borrow a central television program lines, tells the story of his own people here. "".

‘s motivation for doing web sites is dissatisfaction with the navigation network, read more

How profitable is a design website

SWS creative agency weekly meetings and discussions to the alliance website model VANCL do not remember this is the first of several times, although every time is not very deep, but the model itself, does give us a lot of inspiration. The design of the website can say is even a little famous innumerable, the station also number one lot, although these sites are trying to shape their own characteristics, but most are actually highly similar. The main contents are mostly design resources, works exchange, design information and task intermediary. From a profit point of view, many websites have failed to find commercially profitable models, relying solely on owners’ inputs, donations and poor advertising costs. read more

Analysis how should Tencent micro blog operate

Tencent micro-blog hundreds of millions of registered users, like blogging platforms like micro-blog, Tencent by its unique convenience more popular, so there are more businesses that use micro-blog Qqtengxun marketing network. QQ micro-blog marketing premise: first of all, their own QQ to be popular, but QQ is not the main demand groups, not high-quality traffic, so I hope not to report too much,

below is the specific operation of micro-blog’s operation:

one, pay attention to the relevant user read more

Do stand and SEO should learn to concentrate


old people often say: "do things, down-to-earth."." In fact, I have been very agree with this sentence, so I do an honest person, do stand, law-abiding, conscience, but also have a clear conscience. Today, my friend may have inadvertently said that I am not very willing to accept new things. Maybe this is the right thing to do. Talk about before, I personally very unhappy acquisition, very disgusted station. Because I appreciate a sentence: "do one thing in your life."." I don’t like to do a lot of things alone. I don’t like the short cuts. So I don’t like collecting and standing. read more

Baidu is crazy do everything for money

really did not expect " second wife " this word in Baidu even someone to do bidding advertising! Khan!


: " I fuck "

, what makes money these days,.


, I’m talking about this world, that’s tough,.

another search results: " erotic Forum – short erotic novels – the teacher home visits by my " this result makes me crazy sweat more than! Amitabha, sin a sin, kids, dare to close your eyes


, it’s your NetEase too,

on Baidu Google, who knows more about the Chinese language contest, Google also showed a great company of tolerance, publicly acknowledged in Chinese search is not as good as Baidu. read more