As a webmaster do you do for Shanghai dragon

we know a successful Shanghai dragon Er are not only stereotypes of his success with his one or more highlights. In the face of competition and pressure increasing, if we only know they copy the experience of others, then we will fall behind others.

in the face of changing the search engine algorithm, our website ranking may not stop or even drop a lot of volatility. Then we need to master good quality in the heart and compression ability, and can continue to understand the causes of learning leads to the decline in ranking, do analysis and improvement. read more

Do website ranking should focus on Shanghai Longfeng scheme

three, my plan is my Shanghai dragon

How do

website ranking, has already been introduced to everyone. We believe in the Shanghai dragon, do most is Shanghai dragon plan. Often in Shanghai know and love group, see everywhere seeking Shanghai dragon scheme. However, Shanghai Longfeng scheme is open to the public, are scrambling to see, is very old, keep up with the times, it can only reference format. Shanghai Longfeng scheme we need to do is to their own unique insights.

The original

two, Shanghai dragon to practice more to guide read more

The new Google search results display function priority visited pages

but when I visit from the search results, the second visit, my website results appear in the first place, the search results are as follows:

At the same time in the In order to

for the record, I Kunshan flat-share site has been closed for nearly two months, today to record by the weak, can be re visited today, so debugging contents. From the Google search your site name [Kunshan] the flat-share inadvertently discovered the first visit, find your site in search results seventh:

about my web search results to join, remind you of the last time you visited the time. Maybe this is a good news for the webmaster, ranking behind "is expected to get more traffic. Do not know if a user within a certain period of time also visited a number of web results, Google will do what, to continue the test well, we also welcome feedback results: 贵族宝贝 test to study together. read more

For the novice webmaster reference increase in traffic can be done

Links is endowed with great love in Shanghai, still remember the rain through the Links deception, the Shanghai dragon the keyword ranking to the first, only more than the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, which caused a stir. The search engine that a site link to another site, this site is for trust. So the day through QQ group or Links exchange website to find associated with their regular website, so insist, every exchange 2-3, until Links to 30 or so, and then replace the high quality chain. Links not only improve the site PR effect, and enhance the anchor text ranking function, otherwise there will be so many people keen to buy link behavior. read more

Do you need to optimize the status of foreign trade in Shanghai dragon industry understanding

status three: Shanghai dragon foreign service price gap is big. At home and abroad, there are many consulting platform claiming to provide optimal service, the platform with a price advantage, great influence attracted some users. For some credible Shanghai dragon company, company of the service price is little. Some small, irregular companies can do a keyword in the publicity services such as a few hundred dollars, but the authentic Shanghai dragon company will do hundreds of thousands of projects. So I suggest that there is a demand for foreign friends in Shanghai Longfeng optimization services as much as possible to choose some optimization company Shanghai dragon’s reputation good, don’t he. read more

Long tail keywords a bridge between users and website

long tail narrow profit cycle

is the demand, so easy to get some traffic, and the conversion rate is higher. Everyone says Shanghai dragon worked more slowly, but on the contrary, the long tail effect is faster. Probably after an article you will soon be released not included, and have good ranking. In addition, because it is for users to write the words, so the conversion rate is high, may eventually realize part of the profits, this website has been a virtuous cycle of development.

The needs of users of The relies on the link. read more

Keywords Shanghai Longfeng website optimization competition analysis

2. from the search results to see the keywords competition degree is the keyword search information. When we search for a keyword, the search engine will display the relevant search results, changes in the number of search results is very large, the different search will produce different search results. Of course, the more the number of search results, the greater the degree of competition; on the other hand, the competition degree is small. The degree of competition may refer to the following data: the search results less than 500 thousand: belong to the competition of smaller; search results: 50-100 million belongs to the average small; search results: to belong to medium; 100-300 million 300-500 million: search results on the middle part of the search results; by 5 million: belong to difficult words. Of course, how different is difficult to keywords in the cost of each one has its own merits. read more

The site was suddenly down right

> theme?Solution:

2), will be included in the original dead link with the txt document sorted out, submitted to the Shanghai love.

Solution: Solution:


on this point, we do not panic, we must first step by step, do Shanghai dragon is not a step? Otherwise it will backfire. Then Chen Baowen to talk about the site was suddenly drop right

2), do not use the keywords released when the content of the website can use other keywords, such as web content increases, the keyword density is too large will be diluted. read more

The new snapshot update faster it must be optimized construction



screenshot The construction of snapshot In fact, we all know

for this navigation station building is soft in the optimization, the new owners must be careful not to have garbage outside the chain, to improve the quality of the chain to a certain program, like the A5 Adsense website in the chain investment quality is very high, as well as other investment in the platform is also good. This investment in the chain is equivalent to about one hundred of the ordinary chain, the key is that the chain effect is very good, otherwise your navigation station snapshot is not updated quickly, the site also ranked will slowly increase. I wrote an article "the new owners will use magic: make a contribution to lead the construction of the chain of original hand", mainly about the investment and make the chain much effect, the new owners must find time to write this material and engage in the investment. read more

The site outside the chain note

2. source chain website. The web page update faster in search of snapshot, snapshot date is very new, explain this page spider often patronage, then means that you add to the link could soon be detected, and effect. If the snapshot is a few months ago, so after a few months may also link will be detected.

article "in a few ways to do the site of the internal links of" to introduce some methods to do the site within the chain, of course, a good website in addition, also need a strong chain. Contact Shanghai dragon friends should also know "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence is very good to tell the two factors, the most important so we Shanghai dragon, how the chain is the high quality of the chain? Chain when we should pay attention to what matters read more