Title Optimization effectively make the leading website

do not repeat Title SiteRepeat Need to include


4, the title should contain the name of the enterprise

site optimization is very large, there are a variety of ways, including the optimization of the title is very effective for ranking. I’d like to teach you a few optimize Title coup, make your site leading. These optimization methods are the title I summed up from the lottery website optimization experience on Website Title system. Through practice, these optimization methods of the title is the search engine of love. read more

How to see the love Shanghai website to verify the upgrade Fang Yuan you

1, many began to contact the Shanghai Phoenix this road friend is not very clear what is web site verification verification, said Shanghai is easy to understand that love can be more thorough and included your site design, but also to let the webmaster can better see their website resources, through the love sea for example, included, where from the search site, is very helpful for the novice webmaster, so this is a mutual process.


two, here is a look at the site to verify the upgrade what is read more

How to use love to better know Shanghai website promotion

love Shanghai know bring website traffic

front is also briefly mentioned, now many customers believe that love Shanghai know that love Shanghai know the credible answer, so the conversion rate is high, the trust of customers, the brand effect is of course construction. Others answer ads than do their own advertising strong thousands of times, so we have to make good use of this platform to know love Shanghai, to create a brand.

is the purpose of this paper is trying to tell you change the idea, since we can’t send the chain, we do not send the chain, we can promote our website visibility, create website brand, brand website, click on the amount of high, ranking natural will go up. read more

Virtual son rain analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report code URL and link st

in addition, we need to pay attention to is the use for web page label inside, common Tiltle, meta, h1-h6, alt, such as the use of B tags, the usage I will not say, in these tags inside the layout a lot of some key words, increase the weight of keywords. In addition, it is noted that the research is using the Robots.txt file, and whether the use of DIV+CSS layout. Basically we do these can complete code analysis, make this part of the Shanghai dragon diagnosis.


Hello, I am virtual son rain. To tell you in front of the three aspects of the "Shanghai dragon diagnosis virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon website positioning diagnosis report" analysis of "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon diagnostic report website keyword analysis" "virtual son rain: analysis of" Shanghai dragon website code, URL diagnostic report and link structure, are rough talk about their own views, for the Shanghai Dragon said to come up with a specific diagnosis if we plan in fact there are many places that need attention. Today I want to talk about and then for the other three aspects of Shanghai dragon diagnostic report: website code, URL, and the analysis of link structure. read more

How to analyze layout and maintenance of long tail keywords website

, a writer in the beginning nor what direction, but after a series of studies, some conclusions are acquired, a good way to find a few, for everyone to share.

can look at each other’s words, the chain and see each other website, it will be easy to see each other with what word, the word statistics, do some comparison, get their own long tail keywords.

statistical tool has a feature that is to see the background, let you know every IP where you come from, from which the word, this method is very effective, when you find a word recently a lot of the IP, it can do optimization for a long time the. read more

n Shanghai Longfeng chain do not have to worry about living learning experience is so simple

chain for Shanghai dragon optimization, is only a most basic work, journey, from the tower from the tired soil, the chain is the foundation, is a little, so how to improve the chain site work? The Internet will tell you to find high quality sites to do outside the chain, but the details did not put forward the construction of the chain method, the author thinks that it is necessary to analyze from the details, a chain of the Commissioner should be how to deal with high quality website construction site outside the chain. read more

Three optimization methods for improving key import sticky visitors

for the website optimization, we are very concerned about the website of the daily IP and PV value change, hope the visitor data website has steadily risen, visitors return rate and page views can have very good growth. But most of the time our data may be as good as expected. Usually found from the search engine into a lot of visitors directly jump out. How do we change this situation? Means to keep visitors today and share the next letter. As these are included within the page are, we must make full use of, and many webmaster may ignore it. read more

What is the page from the pages of the answer is dispersed to the solution chain

in the US, wheat bags once occupied Taobao keyword, rebate network, net return, have occupied a large flow of the Taobao keyword, but these sites are in good times don’t last long, the key lost the original position, has become the most purchasing chain alone, remember the time also, the return of net for my website hope I can buy a link, then did not sell, then there is no then; if I’m not mistaken, that time, these sites are the anchor text piling the key of "Taobao", the final in Shanghai love of the washing time of links. All of a sudden be cleaned off, so, if you do a anchor text too much words, is likely to affect Shanghai to link strategy is love, this is we do in the chain of non Often need to pay attention to. read more

f there is no Shanghai so what we can do

for example to analyze it, often in the Taobao shopping buddy knows, think about your shopping experience, Taobao bought browse stores of goods, will not suddenly found the Taobao store has a new function that you have visited the goods in this column this function, by many users welcomed and loved, because some goods this new function can help you find the first time you have visited, and easy to make a comparison, so as to obtain a higher price of goods for payment. It is the so-called user experience. And the site will be provided with the form, although a form so that the whole appearance of the website greatly reduced, but this is a small move, really humane performance, customers get a lot of convenience, naturally do the perfect combination of the degree of user experience. read more

How to avoid the web page is included duplicate path specification

under what circumstances? After a website, the website will make web pages have multiple paths, one is the old path is also included, is a new path. The website static to dynamic, static or dynamic turn, will also produce multiple path. So we in the specification of these path, the path can not used to use a 301 redirect to a URL path only. Such as www.xxx贵族宝贝/bai/bei/ www.xxx贵族宝贝/bai/beibei/ with two page is the same content, so we can get a 301 redirect to another, such as the www.xxx贵族宝贝/bai/beib> read more