Rystad Energy: 2020 will be a record year for Australian renewable energy development

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享PV Magazine:Despite a massive drop in renewable energy investment seen last year, Australia’s renewable energy sector is forecast to have another record year in 2020. According to consultancy Rystad Energy, large-scale PV projects will be the largest source of new capacity additions this year, totaling 1.96 GW.Four large-scale PV projects, each with a capacity of 200 MW or more, are set to complete commissioning this year: Darlington Point (275 MW), Limondale (249 MW), Kiamal Stage 1 (200 MW) and Sunraysia (200 MW). The capacity to come online is geographically concentrated in New South Wales, with 51.5% – or 1.01 GW – scheduled to start operation in the state, Rystad finds.Overall, 3.6 GW of renewable energy capacity is expected to complete commissioning, up from 2.6 GW in 2019. Wind development will account for 1.57 GW, while 0.1 GW will come from batteries. It is also likely that new markets will begin to open up as pilot hydrogen projects come online and the off-grid sector takes off, led by the mining and oil & gas industries, Rystad finds. “The Australian renewables sector has been through a bit of a quiet spell as few new projects have broken ground in recent months, but we expect the industry to bounce back in the second half of 2020,” says Gero Farruggio, Head of Australia at Rystad Energy. “Projects with power purchase agreements (PPAs) and winners of government auction schemes and grants are scheduled to enter the construction phase, developers will be shifting to more favorable parts of the grid in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, and projects are lining up in central and northern New South Wales to replace the coal-fired Liddell power plant that is due to close by April 2023.”Rystad Energy expects between 1.0 GW and 1.5 GW of new utility PV projects will break ground in Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM) in 2020. These projects will be located in southeast Queensland, central and northern New South Wales and central/eastern Victoria. For utility wind, there are currently projects representing 7.9 GW that have received development approval. This includes about 5.3 GW of projects larger than 350 MW and located in favorable parts of the grid with owners that have development experience, Rystad says.[Marija Maisch]More: Australia poised for record large-scale PV rollout in 2020 Rystad Energy: 2020 will be a record year for Australian renewable energy developmentlast_img read more

Blue Ridge Outdoors Top Towns: Louisville, Kentucky

first_imgAs one of the largest metropolitan centers in on our Top Towns contest, Louisville offers an impressive number of outdoor recreation opportunities for adventure enthusiasts.The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, accessible from Louisville via I-69, is a vast inland peninsula and provides endless flatwater paddling, spelunking, fishing, and camping. If you’d rather head for the hills, take I-64 east toward the Red River Gorge canyon system — a nationally designated natural landmark. Simply put, the Red is the best climbing destination in the East, with sandstone cliffs that are home to hundreds of routes for beginners and world-class climbers alike.Cudas_IB_0814_2Louisville’s Forecastle Festival is one of the most anticipated music festivals of the year, and hiking opportunities abound in Daniel Boone National Forest.Vote now at blueridgeoutdoors.com!last_img read more

Video of the Week: DPS Skis The Shadow Campaign Sanctuary

first_imgThe Shadow Campaign // SanctuaryDPS is a boutique ski brand based out of Salt Lake City that exists because of South American skiing.In the summer of 2001, DPS founder Stephan Drake was spending yet another season in Las Leñas, Argentina, when he met Swiss skier Cyrile Boinay. In a smoky wine bar the duo vented their frustration on the lack of progressive shaping and materials in the ski industry — and the idea emerged to start a ski company. They founded “DB Skis” that year and after a few years of toiling and Boinay’s eventual departure, DPS was born in 2005. These are some of the most beautiful, technically advanced, consciously shaped skis on the market, and we highly recommend you get on a pair this winter. And, you can enter here to win a ski getaway to West Virginia.last_img read more

Trail Mix | The Hip Abduction

first_imgIt’s only appropriate that I open this week’s blog with some surfing imagery.For those of you unaware of The Hip Abduction, take heed. The wave is building and the ride promises to be pretty rad.The Hip Abudction, a septet from St. Petersburg, is drawing huge crowds in their native Florida with their blending of dance hall reggae, African rhythms, and indie pop. Folks from outside the Sunshine State are beginning to pay attention, with the band racking up some serious festival gigs for this summer.Gold Under The Glow, the latest release from The Hip Abduction, is groovy and danceable, drawing on influences that span multiple continents. It’s a record that could only come from a band that calls Florida home, where Latin, African, and Caribbean inspirations collide.I recently caught up with David New, lead vocal and guitarist with the band, to chat about the new record, beach life, and cosmic pumpkins.BRO – Could your band have been born anywhere other than Florida?DN – No way, man.BRO – What do the sound guys normally say when you ask for a little more kamale ngoni in the mix?DN – “Hey, man, did you mean the space pumpkin, bro? Yeah, I got you. Sounds like a sitar. I love Indian food.” That’s why we have our own sound crew.BRO – Assume my knowledge of reggae begins and ends with Bob Marley. Give me three old school Jamaican artists to check out.DN – Gregory Issacs, Wailing Souls, and Burning Spear.BRO – We are featuring “Come Alive” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?DN – Much of the new album is about dreams and the possible meaning behind the symbology. I’ve had a recurring dream where several wolves would appear for a short time and then disappear. It’s usually during stressful times in my life. But I never really know if it’s just random or if it has some sort of meaning. I’ve always wondered if it was someone in my past watching over me. They only thing I do know is that I always feel at peace when they are near. We are the wolves at play, we are the ones that sing you’re gonna be okay . . . BRO – What makes for the perfect day at the beach?DN – Clean, head high waves and no one else in the water. No wind. PB&J and a coconut water in the cooler, and high-fiving a dolphin mid wave.The Hip Abduction’s tour calendar is quiet until the middle of April, when the band shows up in Virginia for two nights in Roanoke. Two big gigs on the horizon include the North Carolina Brewers & Music Festival and Shaky Knees Festival in May.For more information on the band or how you can get a copy of Gold Under The Glow, please surf over to the band’s website. Also, be sure to check out “Come Alive” on this month’s Trail Mix.last_img read more

BRO Athletes: 4 Tips for Staying Fit at Work

first_imgTaking my first real desk job and relocating to Washington D.C. to start a job with National Geographic was a big life change for me. For my entire adult life up to that point, I had pretty much always had jobs that involved moving, not sitting (except for sitting on the back of a raft guiding), and I had always lived in small mountain towns. I was super nervous about the transition, but hopeful I could find a way to embrace this new life, while also staying happy and healthy. Thats when I decided I needed to make a change and find a way to enjoy the city while getting myself back into shape. I took a few immediate steps that have begun to pay off quickly and I have found that I can still enjoy city life and stay healthy at the same time. A year has now passed since moving to DC, and I have learned some things along the way. For starters, DC loves its Happy Hours! Just about everyday after a long day at the desk, you will likely be invited to a Happy Hour and find yourself having a great time hanging out with wonderful people and downing a few beers. And while I have never been one to say no to beer, it turns out, doing that everyday in place of that afternoon bike ride or paddle you used to take will put on a few pounds! In about 10 months of living in DC, I gained the adult version of the “freshman fifteen” and started to realize I might have embraced my new city a little too much!1) Find an Exercise Routine that Works and Make it a HabitIt’s not like I wasn’t exercising initially, but the problem was I was struggling to make it a habit. In an effort to avoid paying money for a gym, my go to exercise was jogging. The problem with that became if it was raining, or cold, or too hot, I’d find myself skipping the morning run.IMG_0819For whatever reason (maybe the fact that I was used to running through the forest on trails and not through the city on concrete), I just couldn’t get excited enough about it to go every day.In an effort to find another exercise routine that would work better for me, I broke down and decided to start paying for a gym/ exercise program. After researching numerous options in DC, I finally chose AmbitiousAthletes, a small group exercise program that promises to kick your butt and keep you having fun at the same time. Given my previous issues with getting myself to run everyday, I ultimately chose them due to this line on their website: “If you don’t notify us that you’ll be on vacation for a week, you’ll receive a phone call from us asking about why you haven’t been in to train.” The ironic part about that is that I love going so much that they haven’t had to call me once! The program philosophy combines strength training and conditioning that keeps me both engaged and challenged in a way that I have never experienced outside of training in my kayak.  I can’t say enough good things about the program. 2) Mix Up the Desk Routine After a couple of months sitting at my new desk everyday, I began to realize that I needed to mix it up. Sitting day in and day out for so many hours was not doing anything good for my body. My first move was to buy an exercise ball to sit on periodically through out the day. Being able to engage my core while sitting not only helped my focus, but it also allowed my body to at least get a little activity while I was staring at the computer screen.IMG_3871About 8 months into the job, I was able to get a standing desk which was a huge score for me. I combined it with a Fluidstance Level Board, which allows me to not only stand at my desk, but add some motion as well. Now, being able to stand, spin, sit on the ball and occasionally still sit in a regular desk chair, provides variety and requires energy which makes being at a desk all day not seem so stagnant. And while a standing desk may not be an option at every office, finding a creative way to add some movement into your desk routine will pay off. 3) Pay Attention to What You Eat (and Drink)Coming from small towns with limited restaurant options, moving to the city was amazing from a food perspective. Whatever kind of food I wanted could be found within a half mile radius of my house or office. I found myself trying new restaurants everyday and thoroughly enjoying all the culinary experiences the city had to offer. And while I’ve always been someone who ate relatively healthy, I found myself indulging more than normal, and without the same daily exercise routine, the pounds began to pile on.Along side starting at Ambitious Athletes, I also started counting my calories and generally paying more attention to what and how much food I was putting in my body. I soon realized that little things, like choosing a burrito bowl and skipping the tortilla at Chipotle, can save you 300 calories. That tortilla alone amounts to 15% of the recommended daily intake of 2,000 calories! The other big find for me by logging calories was in the beer I was drinking. I love IPA’s and I’d rather drink water than drink a Michelob Ultra, so going that direction was simply not an option. But then I discovered Session IPA’s- lower alcohol content, 25-35% fewer calories, but still have that delicious hoppy flavor!IMG_21464) Walk More One of the great perks of living in the city is being able to walk everywhere. There is rarely much need for me to drive my car (unless its to go kayaking) and my office is only 1.5 miles from my house so an easy distance to walk. That said, after a couple months here, I found myself finding excuses for reasons to take the bus. Not all the time, but often enough. And then I realized maybe the most valuable piece of information of all- on average, for every 2 miles you walk, you burn off the calories of one Session IPA! So if I want to be able to enjoy my favorite post-work beverage, I need to make sure I put in my walking miles each day. That might mean walking to/ from work, or taking Karl (my ridiculously handsome dog) on an extra stroll to our favorite park. I feel like since its wasn’t a heart pumping, sweat inducing exercise, I often overlooked just what an added health benefit walking could be. So there you have it- my personal journey of adjusting to a desk job and city living while finding ways to maintain better health and still get out and enjoy what DC has to offer. Please keep in mind, I am no expert on these matters, and have just simply been trying to find ways that work for me, though everyone is different and will have their own path and opinion for bettering their own personal health. The takeaway (I hope) is to be aware of your body and look for ways to add more movement and healthier eating into your everyday routine.[divider]The BRO Athlete Series is Brought to You By[/divider]BROAthleteBannerAdLearn more about:The Hub and Pisgah Tavern, Crozet Running, Bold Rock Cidery, and Blue Ridge Cyclery. Related Articles:last_img read more

Bigfoot Sighting Reported in Western North Carolina

first_imgA group that claims to track the mythic ape known as Bigfoot through the hills and hollers of Western North Carolina says they finally spotted the creature over the weekend in McDowell County.According to the group, which operates a Facebook page called Bigfoot911 with over 1,000 members, the sighting occurred around 11 P.M. Friday night.John E. Bruner, who runs the page, said the creature made its presence known after he and fellow group members set up glow sticks at various locations in an apparent attempt to lure the Sasquatch in.“The angle of the moon was shining straight down on the road and something big stepped into view,” Bruner said. “I turned my headlamp on and I saw a large bi-pedal animal covered in hair. It took one step into the woods, (then) I took off running toward where it went into the woods.”Bruner went on to state that he and fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts proceeded to track what they claim was a large, bi-pedal ape not recognized by modern science through the dark forest.His description of the sighting can be seen below:“It’s face was solid black, (with) no hair on it,” he said. “The hair looked shaggy all over (its body.) It turned and took five steps and was at the bottom of the hill, probably 30 yards. I could see the gluteus maximus flexing with each step.”—John E. Brunerlast_img read more

Outdoor Updates: Man accused of threatening hikers along the Appalachian Trail

first_imgWest Virginia environmental regulators cancel public pipeline permit hearing over “security concerns,” then quietly issue the permit A man accused of threatening hikers along the Appalachian Trail has been arrested. Thirty-year-old James Jordan of Massachusetts, who goes by the name of “Sovereign,” was arrested in Unicoi County, Tennessee. He was carrying a large knife and is charged with possession of schedule six drugs, drug paraphernalia, and criminal impersonation. Jordan allegedly threatened hikers at a shelter along the Appalachian Trail and chased people with a shovel. He is also suspected in an assault on a juvenile along the Appalachian Trail. Unicoi County Sheriff Mike Hensley told WJHK News Channel 11 that Jordan was causing problems in Greene County and Madison County as well as in Unicoi County. Jordan is currently being held on $25,000 bond at the Unicoi County jail. The NHL will offset the airline emissions generated by players during the Stanley Cup Man accused of threatening hikers along the Appalachian Trail center_img Is the National Hockey League going green? The NHL recently announced that they would purchase carbon credits to offset the greenhouse gases produced by flying NHL hockey teams to the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, currently underway. The NHL says that they will purchase credits to offset more than 465 metric tons of carbon emissions, which is the equivalent to taking 99 cars off of the road for one year. The NHL also publishes an annual Sustainability Report. Last year the report found that, due to climate change, the average length of the skating season may be shortened by one third in eastern Canada and by 20 percent in western Canada in the coming years. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) scheduled a public hearing for a pipeline permit in Jefferson County but canceled the meeting a week before it was scheduled to take place on February 21, citing security concerns. Residents had called for a public meeting to express their questions and concerns over a 4.85-mile natural gas pipeline, which would deliver gas to Rockwool, a coal and gas manufacturing plant currently under construction in the city of Ranson. Residents asked for the meeting to be rescheduled but on March 29 the WVDEP issued the permit without holding the meeting. In an email to the West Virginia Gazette Mail the WVDEP said that public hearings are not required under the State General Water Pollution Control Permit. last_img read more

Plan for More Fun this Summer – Travel the Beerwerks Trail

first_imgTheir adventurous spirits have taken on the renovation of an oldstorefront on South Main Street in Lexington. Between the newly exposed brickwalls and the enviable downtown location, this pub is sure to buzz with aconstant stream of locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re traveling through or making the Shenandoah Valleyyour destination, don’t miss these three unique and tasty experiences along theShenandoah Beerwerks Trail. Devils Backbone Brewing Company One can’t-miss experience this summer is the Shenandoah Beerwerks Trail. Complete with some of the nation’s best brews, fresh farm-to-table meals and amazing views, the 15 breweries on this trail all sit within an hours’ drive of each other. Plus, you’ll find no shortage of outdoor activities in the Shenandoah Valley, which you can enjoy before or after your brewery experience.    If you are looking for a “brew with a view”, Great Valley Farm Brewery is the place to be. Undoubtably, it is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever be able to sit back, relax and sip on a quality Belgian-style ale brewed to perfection with ingredients grown on their own farm. Drawing inspiration from refreshing craft beer enjoyed while on aski trip in the Alps, founders Steve and Heidi Crandall, set out to bring thatsame exhilarating experience of craft European-style beers to the Blue RidgeMountains. What resulted was the Devils Backbone Brewing Company, aptly named afterthe title given to the mountainous region by eager, patriotic surveyors some300 years ago. What’s a festival without good beer? Limited merriment…that’s forsure. The resolute dedication to the process of slow craft-brewing with only the finest ingredients—“Slow by Nature” has become a way of life at Devils Backbone Outpost Tap Room & Kitchen. Owners Nathan and Irma Bailey actually began their journey in theworld of fermentation with their very own vineyard 7 years ago. The grapes arestill sold to local wineries and occasionally used in their beer. Lexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County, VA But the biggest “cool factor” we love about this vineyard settingis the unmatched experience it creates for your visit.  Set atop a crest with the vineyard spanningthe rolling hills below you and hues of the Blue Ridge Mountains blanketedacross the horizon before you, the Great Valley Farm Brewery provides theperfect backdrop for your visit. They’ll be crafting ales and lagers that have been carefully cultivated and chosen to represent the beauty, goodness and complexity of the Shenandoah Valley. Follow them on facebook for continual updates and progress. For more information about Lexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County, VA, visit us at LexingtonVirginia.com.center_img Each brewery along the trail has a unique story behind theirbrand and their flavors. In the end, they all lead back to the things in lifethat really matter – community, family, friendship and living life to thefullest.  The newest brewery to “hit the trail” in Lexington andsurrounding areas, Heliotrope Brewery, will deliver a varied, but equallyenjoyable experience. Owners Erik Jones and Jenny Davies are currently workinghard towards a summer open date.  The ShenandoahBeerwerks Trail Heliotrope Brewery Great Valley Farm Brewery When you visit, be sure to enjoy a Saturday tour of thecustom-built brew house, featuring a 120 barrel Rolec Brewing system. If you’rewondering what to try, European-style lagers are their sweet spot. But let’s behonest…everything they brew is delicious. Stop in for a glass of your own “Slowby Nature.” Chris Weisler Rockbridge County Tourism Lexington Virginia Summer TravelChris Weisler Rockbridge County Tourism Lexington Virginia Summer Travel In Rockbridge County, you’ll find a few of our favorites,separated only by a relaxing (and responsible) 20-minute drive. Their motto, Pax Soles Fermentum, loosely translated to mean“Peace, Sunshine and Fermentation”, supports their passion and goal—to brew “tothe seasons, using locally sourced ingredients.” They’re even going so far asto culture up their own wild yeast strain from right in Rockbridge County. Itdoesn’t get much more local than that. And since we’re celebrating festivals all across the Blue RidgeMountains this May, we thought we’d also take a “merry” detour to some of the great breweriesdotted among the hills and trees in Virginia. And the brew matches the view. Their Belgian-style ale has becomea favorite of the locals, but plenty of other craft options are available, suchas IPAs, English Ales and German Lagers. Chris Weisler Rockbridge County Tourism Lexington Virginia Summer Travellast_img read more

Ecuador’s Minister Of Defense To Go To Russia To Seek Military Assistance‎

first_imgBy Dialogo March 19, 2009 Javier Ponce, Ecuador’s Defense Minister, ‎will travel to Russia to launch an agreement for military assistance, according to a ‎statement provided Wednesday to AFP by a source from within.‎ ‎”The minister will proceed with the military assistance plan signed by both countries,” ‎stated a top military official, who requested to remain anonymous.‎ The official reported that Ponce’s visit to Russia will last four days, and that during this ‎time he will talk to the country’s military leaders.‎ Last November Russian chancellor Sergey Lavrov visited Quito for the first time, an ‎occasion in which the governments improved their relations by establishing a series of ‎commercial, military, and nuclear energy assistance commitments.‎ ‎”We have already discussed extensive commercial, financial, and military ‎cooperation. They have great, high quality military equipment,” said President Rafael ‎Corres, a harsh critic of the United States who is organizing the removal in 2009 of the ‎North American troops operating an antidrug base in the Ecuadorian coast.‎ Since 2008 the Executive Branch has been pushing for modernization of the Armed ‎Forces through the purchase of Brazilian combat aircraft, Chinese radar, and Indian ‎helicopters, as well as used fleets from Chile. ‎last_img read more

Mexican Paintings Saved from Fire During the “Bogotazo” in 1948 to Go on Exhibit

first_imgBy Dialogo August 27, 2009 Mexico City, 24 August (EFE).- The Mexican authorities will exhibit more than a hundred works by Mexican painters like Rivera, Siqueiros, Velasco, Goitia, Tamayo, and Chávez Morado, among others, saved from fire by Mexican museologist Fernando Gamboa in Colombia in 1948 during the “Bogotazo,” official sources announced today. The National Council for Culture and the Arts (Conaculta) indicated that this exhibit, titled “Fernando Gamboa: Art at Risk,” will open on Thursday, 27 August, and will be on display until March of next year in the Diego Rivera Mural Museum, the home of the mural “Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda.” The director of the museum, Carmen Gaytán, explained to EFE that the exhibit is an event to pay homage to Fernando Gamboa (1909-1990), the father of museum studies in Mexico, who dedicated his life to promoting Mexican art around the world. She said that Gamboa had taken eight crates to Bogotá with representative examples of Mexican art from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries, to be exhibited during a Pan-American meeting at the Palace of Communications in Colombia. The exhibit, titled “Four Centuries of Mexican Art,” never opened due to the explosion of violence that followed the assassination of Colombian liberal leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán on 9 April 1948. “Gamboa wrapped himself in a Mexican flag that he took from the Mexican embassy, to try to prevent the factions from shooting at him, and together with two other individuals, he went into the burning building to rescue and protect the works he had brought from Mexico,” Gaytán said. Gamboa also spent three days locked in without eating in order to protect the paintings, while shootouts and clashes took place in the streets. Gaytán explained that thanks to the lists drawn up by Gamboa, it was possible to reconstruct the exhibit, made up of about forty oil paintings and ninety other works belonging to a variety of private collections and museums such as the Soumaya, the Carrillo Gil, and the José María Velasco Museum, among others. “In the museum vestibule a statue of Don Fernando has been set up with the original flags that he used on that occasion and that still show the burn marks from when he pulled the crates out of the fire,” she added. The director of the Diego Rivera Mural Museum explained that this is the first time that this collection will be exhibited since Gamboa’s attempt sixty-one years ago.last_img read more