Capitalism’s war on children

The Black Lives Matter upsurge gained national and international prominence almost a year ago in the aftermath of the police murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. The next day, Aug. 10, a heroic rebellion led by Black youth exposed an ongoing racist war and occupation by local and state police, with the backing of the U.S. military.The upsurge continues to this day. It helps expose the links between political and economic repression, as workers and oppressed peoples worldwide bear the brunt of mass austerity in the form of low wages, unemployment, union busting and slashing of social services — accompanied by mass incarceration and police and vigilante terror.A big part of this repression is the role that poverty plays, especially among the most vulnerable in society — children — including those living in the U.S. This is illustrated by a study released July 14 by the Pew Research Center, which analyzed several years of U.S. Census Bureau data.The study shows that the overall poverty rate for children in the U.S. decreased to 20 percent in 2013 for Latino/a, Asian and white children combined, from 22 percent in 2010. However, for Black children alone, the poverty rate rose to 38.3 percent — close to four times the rate for white children at 10.7 percent. It also states that 30.4 percent of Latino/a children and 10.1 percent of Asian children live in poverty. Notably, growing numbers of Latino/a children are living in poverty relative to the increase in the overall Latino/a population.The federal poverty level in 2013 was set at $23,550 for a family of four, that is, two adults and two children.The Pew study does not mention the poverty rates for children whose parents are undocumented. Many of these parents are locked away indefinitely with their children in detention centers by Immigration Customs Enforcement working in tandem with local authorities.There is also no mention at all in this particular study of the poverty rate for Indigenous youth in the U.S., especially those living on reservations. According to Theresa M. Pouley, the chief judge of the Tulalip Tribal Court in Washington state and a member of the Indian Law and Order Commission, at least 25 percent of Indigenous youth live in poverty, an alarming number compared to the general Indigenous population, which numbers officially under 1 million. (Washington Post, March 9, 2014)Child poverty in the U.S. must be viewed within the context of the global poverty rate for youth. The United Nations reports there are an estimated 1 billion youth whose families live on $2.50 a day or less. According to the U.N. Children’s Fund, at least 22,000 children die each day from starvation, malnutrition, chronic disease, lack of sanitation and other conditions stemming from poverty.Capitalism exploits much of the world’s resources and super-exploits the peoples of oppressed nations through low-wage and slave labor to make profits for the small elite class of the super-rich. This brutal system is to blame for the genocidal war that has already claimed an untold number of young people’s lives and threatens to claim millions more — especially those of people of color living in both the developing countries and the richer capitalist countries.It will take a united global class struggle to uproot this oppressive system and replace it with a socialist system to ensure that human needs are met first and foremost, from the cradle to the grave, without the threat of state repression, especially from the police.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare this read more

#BREAKING – four car pile up and second crash close Shannon…

first_imgShannondoc operating but only by appointment Email Print NewsBreaking news#BREAKING – four car pile up and second crash close Shannon dual carriagewayBy Staff Reporter – March 9, 2016 1425 Twitter Advertisement WhatsApp Facebook First Irish death from Coronavirus TAGSfeatured center_img Walk in Covid testing available in Limerick from Saturday 10th April RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Previous articleRAI #foodoscars hail Limerick’s best food and wine winnersNext articleMolly ordered to return items she took from Jason’s house Staff Reporter The crash scene on the N18 this Wednesday morning – pic @LimerickFireEMERGENCY services are attending the scene of a four car pile up on the N18 Limerick to Ennis Road near Cratloe which has caused huge delays in the area for motorists.Four units from Limerick City and County Fire and Rescue Service are dealing with the four car crash on the southbound lane of the N18.The carriageway between Junction 4 Cratloemoyle and Junction 3 Coonagh West is has been reduced to one lane following the collision.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up One lane has reopened to traffic.A second crash near Setrights Tavern did not require the attendance of emergency services but has effected traffic congestion.Gardai, emergency paramedics and member of the Fire and Rescue service are at the scene dealing with the major incident and motorist are advised to the avoid the area and both lanes.Three people have been taken to University Hospital Limerick for treatment but their injuries are understood to be non-life threatening. Linkedin No vaccines in Limerick yet Surgeries and clinic cancellations extended Proceedures and appointments cancelled again at UHLlast_img read more

Computers In Personnel Award for HR Collaboration

first_img Comments are closed. ComputersIn Personnel is a UKcompany that provides visionary HR software solutions. The software is highlyflexible and covers personnel, recruitment, training administration, skillsmatching, payroll and employee and manager self service. The software andsupport services enable a more efficient, strategic approach to HR within yourorganisation. Category judge: John SmytheJohnSmythe is organisational fellow at McKinsey andcompany. He is currently researching approaches to engaging leaders andemployees in strategy and transformation. Smythe wasalso chief executive of SmytheDorwardLambert,specialists in internal communication. Prior to that, he held senior publicaffairs posts with US corporates.Yorkshire WaterThe team: HR DepartmentNo. in team: 3No. in HR function: 28No. of employees HR is responsible for:2,169About the organisationYorkshireWater is a water utility company and provides 1.7 million households and 140,000businesses with water and sewerage services. Each day the company suppliesaround 1.24 billion litres of drinking water as wellas safely returning around one billion litres ofwaste water back in to the environment. Last year, the company made £175.5mprofit.What the organisation did–Extended opening hours for customers, as a part of a project launched in 2001to provide exceptional customer service–Since 2001, there have been two phases to this project. The first involvedfield technicians and the second involved plant engineers–For the field teams, employee representatives, trade unions and operationalmanagers were involved in designing new ways of working–Terms and conditions harmonised, cutting down onovertime–For phase two, plant engineers were organised intobigger, more flexible teams. Numbers reduced from 126 to 98. Working patternswere extended to cover seven days rather than five.Benefits and achievements–Improved customer-service through extended opening times–Annual cost savings of £500,000–Project led by operational director Richard Flint,with each member of the project team taking ownership for their part of theproject. A strong sense of teamwork is ongoing with regular review meetings.John Smythe says:“A previous experience of poor industrial relations over pay caused the changeteam to adopt a ‘line led, open and inclusiveapproach’ to the challenges of changing rosters to allow seven-day customerservice and multi-site working to improve efficiency. The old model of HRleading negotiations with unions often led to adversarial situations. Themeasures were introduced with everyone’s backing.”HBOSThe team: Group Functions HRNo. in team: 15No. in HR function: 80No. of employees HR is responsible for:2,100About the organisationWith22 million customers, HBOS is the UK’slargest mortgage and savings provider. It is also a major provider of currentaccounts and credit cards. Each year, the company puts more than £45m back intothe community through the HBOS Foundation, sponsorships, affinity cards and itssocial banking programme. Its profits for the sixmonths to June were £2.2bn. What the organisation did–Merger of Halifax and Bank of Scotland in September 2001 enabled the organisation to review its IT operations and to create asingle IT function–Moved two outsourced Royal Bank of Scotland IT services into HBOS. Thisinvolved ‘TUPE-ing’ more than 750 workers–Reorganised the IT functions to create the single Group Technology function. Thisaffected 2,500 people. The restructure involved selecting people for 1,800 roles–Set up an overall project team including, the project sponsors, the groupfunctions HR team and the transition team–Overcame cultural differences with a range of initiatives, includingquestion-time sessions and focus groups.Benefits and achievements–Successful implementation of a single Group Technology function–Substantial financial savings have been made–The creation of an HBOS Group Technology culture, which reflects the values ofboth the new organisation and the diverse workforcecreated from both transitions. John Smythe says:“The merger of Bank of Scotland and Halifax required the creation of a singleIT function comprising 2,500 people. It needed to create a common technologyplatform while also in-sourcing staff from two suppliers and reducing thenumber of jobs to 1,800. A difficult transition was achieved and a newoperating culture created.”FujitsiThe team: Pension review project teamNo. in team: 5No. in HR function: 135, in the UKNo. of employees HR is responsible for: 14,500About the organisationFujitsuServices is one of the leading IT services companies in Europe,the Middle East and Africa.It has an annual turnover of £1.74bn, employs 14,500 people and operates inmore than 20 countries. It designs, builds and operates IT systems and servicesfor customers in the financial services, telecom, retail, utilities andgovernment markets.What the organisation did – A pension fund deficit meant the company hadto look at ways of retaining a defined benefit scheme without incurringincreased costs and affecting profitability–Set up a UK Pensions Consultation Forum (UKPCF) to consult with employees onthe future shape of the plan–Representatives elected via Electoral Reform Services using internet voting–Open consultation with employee representatives–Extensive use of technology to aid the consultation process includingteleconferences.Benefits and achievements–Change in the normal pension date from 60 to 65–UKPCF said the proposals ‘achieve a fair balance between acceptability tomembers and affordability to the company’–To date, more than 95 per cent of members have signed up. The deadline is March2005. John Smythe says:“The firm was faced with spiralling costs ofmaintaining a final salary pension scheme, but was all too aware of thepotential for an industrial relations controversy if solving the problem wentawry. Fujitsu chose to ‘share the problem with its employees’ rather than adoptthe more traditional route of determining a solution and communicating it. Inso doing, it set an agenda for discussions with ‘no preconceived outcome’,other than that the status quo was unsustainable. This experiment in governeddemocracy paid off. Or as the project director put it: “We chose to open ourkimono.” The scheme was retained at lower cost.The Automobile AssociationThe team:  Human ResourcesNo. in team: 5No. in HR function: 38No. of employees HR is responsible for:10,500About the organisationTheAA, an £800m turnover motoring organisation, providesbreakdown and insurance cover, loans, tyrereplacement and garage services, as well as a wide range of other products andservices to more than 15 million customers. Its website is a motoring, traveland leisure portal; its many publications include maps, and accommodation andrestaurant guides. Part of the Centrica group ofcompanies, the AA is the UK’sleading independent voice of the motorist.What the organisation did–Evidence showed that existing performance management systems were inconsistentand failed to encourage and reward competencies linked to higher customersatisfaction and increased profitability –Launched Project Horizon, a performance management system to measureindividuals’ contribution to the business–Horizon links the actions of the individual through the business plan toshareholder expectation. It identifies patrols with development needs andtracks their progress. It also identifies and rewards patrols that exceedexpectations–Provides ongoing interpretation of management information from the Horizonsystem through the Patrol Contribution Review.Benefits and achievements–For the first time, the AA is able to quantify the value each individual makes–Absence cut from 1.34 days per patrol to 0.82 days–In the initial pilot, 180 patrols out of 3,000 were performing below theminimum standard. By the end of the year, 6 per cent of the 180 had improved saving £3m.John Smythe says:“Evidence showed that existing HR systems were failing ‘to encourage andreward’ competencies in the on-road teams linked to customer satisfaction andprofitability. The Horizon system provided a database process to drive abehaviour-based ‘improve or remove’ approach to performance. It was implementedsuccessfully. Thisaward recognises effort by the HR team in working together with other functionsas a business partner achieving strategic goals in a seamless way. Specificprojects demonstrate how HR has effectively integrated and co-operated with IT,sales, marketing, finance, production and other parts of the organisations. Related posts:No related photos. Computers In Personnel Award for HR CollaborationOn 24 Aug 2004 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

BRO Athletes: 4 Tips for Staying Fit at Work

first_imgTaking my first real desk job and relocating to Washington D.C. to start a job with National Geographic was a big life change for me. For my entire adult life up to that point, I had pretty much always had jobs that involved moving, not sitting (except for sitting on the back of a raft guiding), and I had always lived in small mountain towns. I was super nervous about the transition, but hopeful I could find a way to embrace this new life, while also staying happy and healthy. Thats when I decided I needed to make a change and find a way to enjoy the city while getting myself back into shape. I took a few immediate steps that have begun to pay off quickly and I have found that I can still enjoy city life and stay healthy at the same time. A year has now passed since moving to DC, and I have learned some things along the way. For starters, DC loves its Happy Hours! Just about everyday after a long day at the desk, you will likely be invited to a Happy Hour and find yourself having a great time hanging out with wonderful people and downing a few beers. And while I have never been one to say no to beer, it turns out, doing that everyday in place of that afternoon bike ride or paddle you used to take will put on a few pounds! In about 10 months of living in DC, I gained the adult version of the “freshman fifteen” and started to realize I might have embraced my new city a little too much!1) Find an Exercise Routine that Works and Make it a HabitIt’s not like I wasn’t exercising initially, but the problem was I was struggling to make it a habit. In an effort to avoid paying money for a gym, my go to exercise was jogging. The problem with that became if it was raining, or cold, or too hot, I’d find myself skipping the morning run.IMG_0819For whatever reason (maybe the fact that I was used to running through the forest on trails and not through the city on concrete), I just couldn’t get excited enough about it to go every day.In an effort to find another exercise routine that would work better for me, I broke down and decided to start paying for a gym/ exercise program. After researching numerous options in DC, I finally chose AmbitiousAthletes, a small group exercise program that promises to kick your butt and keep you having fun at the same time. Given my previous issues with getting myself to run everyday, I ultimately chose them due to this line on their website: “If you don’t notify us that you’ll be on vacation for a week, you’ll receive a phone call from us asking about why you haven’t been in to train.” The ironic part about that is that I love going so much that they haven’t had to call me once! The program philosophy combines strength training and conditioning that keeps me both engaged and challenged in a way that I have never experienced outside of training in my kayak.  I can’t say enough good things about the program. 2) Mix Up the Desk Routine After a couple of months sitting at my new desk everyday, I began to realize that I needed to mix it up. Sitting day in and day out for so many hours was not doing anything good for my body. My first move was to buy an exercise ball to sit on periodically through out the day. Being able to engage my core while sitting not only helped my focus, but it also allowed my body to at least get a little activity while I was staring at the computer screen.IMG_3871About 8 months into the job, I was able to get a standing desk which was a huge score for me. I combined it with a Fluidstance Level Board, which allows me to not only stand at my desk, but add some motion as well. Now, being able to stand, spin, sit on the ball and occasionally still sit in a regular desk chair, provides variety and requires energy which makes being at a desk all day not seem so stagnant. And while a standing desk may not be an option at every office, finding a creative way to add some movement into your desk routine will pay off. 3) Pay Attention to What You Eat (and Drink)Coming from small towns with limited restaurant options, moving to the city was amazing from a food perspective. Whatever kind of food I wanted could be found within a half mile radius of my house or office. I found myself trying new restaurants everyday and thoroughly enjoying all the culinary experiences the city had to offer. And while I’ve always been someone who ate relatively healthy, I found myself indulging more than normal, and without the same daily exercise routine, the pounds began to pile on.Along side starting at Ambitious Athletes, I also started counting my calories and generally paying more attention to what and how much food I was putting in my body. I soon realized that little things, like choosing a burrito bowl and skipping the tortilla at Chipotle, can save you 300 calories. That tortilla alone amounts to 15% of the recommended daily intake of 2,000 calories! The other big find for me by logging calories was in the beer I was drinking. I love IPA’s and I’d rather drink water than drink a Michelob Ultra, so going that direction was simply not an option. But then I discovered Session IPA’s- lower alcohol content, 25-35% fewer calories, but still have that delicious hoppy flavor!IMG_21464) Walk More One of the great perks of living in the city is being able to walk everywhere. There is rarely much need for me to drive my car (unless its to go kayaking) and my office is only 1.5 miles from my house so an easy distance to walk. That said, after a couple months here, I found myself finding excuses for reasons to take the bus. Not all the time, but often enough. And then I realized maybe the most valuable piece of information of all- on average, for every 2 miles you walk, you burn off the calories of one Session IPA! So if I want to be able to enjoy my favorite post-work beverage, I need to make sure I put in my walking miles each day. That might mean walking to/ from work, or taking Karl (my ridiculously handsome dog) on an extra stroll to our favorite park. I feel like since its wasn’t a heart pumping, sweat inducing exercise, I often overlooked just what an added health benefit walking could be. So there you have it- my personal journey of adjusting to a desk job and city living while finding ways to maintain better health and still get out and enjoy what DC has to offer. Please keep in mind, I am no expert on these matters, and have just simply been trying to find ways that work for me, though everyone is different and will have their own path and opinion for bettering their own personal health. The takeaway (I hope) is to be aware of your body and look for ways to add more movement and healthier eating into your everyday routine.[divider]The BRO Athlete Series is Brought to You By[/divider]BROAthleteBannerAdLearn more about:The Hub and Pisgah Tavern, Crozet Running, Bold Rock Cidery, and Blue Ridge Cyclery. Related Articles:last_img read more

Guyana Under-19s overpower Jamaica by 31 runs

first_img….Windwards, Barbados also victoriousBy BRIJ PARASNATHDEFENDING champions Guyana kept alive their chances of successfully defending their WICB Regional Under-19 50-overs title when they overpowered Jamaica by 31 runs in their sixth round match at the Sion Hill playing field in St Vincent yesterday.In the other matches, Windwards (58 for 2 off 6.2 overs; Anil Matthew 39 not out) also maintained their place atop the standings when they thrashed Leewards (54 all out in 20 overs; Jonathan Taylor 3 for 9, Rasheed Fredericks 3 for 7) by eight wickets in a low-scoring match at Park Hill playing field while Barbados (204 for 3 in 45.4 overs) also enhanced their chances of vying for the top position when they whipped the ICC Americas team (203 all out in 50 overs) by seven wickets at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex.Windwards will clash with Trinidad and Tobago in one of the final round key matches today. But even if they lose to the Trinidadians they will definitely clinch one of the two qualifying spots for the final.However, both Guyana and Barbados are in strong positions to grab the other berth so their face-off today will determine the other finalists between the two leading teams at the end of the seven-team round-robin series.The Guyanese outfit showed their fighting qualities and turned back the challenge of the Jamaicans in a hard-fought battle at Sion Hill.Having batted first the Guyanese frontline batsmen struggled to come to terms with the Jamaican spinners especially left-armer Jeavor Royal (10-2-21-2) who dispatched Keemo Paul and Bhaskar Yadram for one and five respectively.Earlier, Ronaldo Renee faced 39 balls for 13 runs while Sherfane Rutherford negotiated 84 balls and hit one six before he departed for a patient 34. They posted 48 for the first wicket stand in 17.4 overs.Subsequently, Guyana lost four more wickets and had reached 89 for 5 in 37.3 overs when Yadram departed.But Joshua Persaud and Ronaldo AliMohammed restored hope of playing out the full fifty overs as they added a crucial 48 runs for the sixth wicket and pushed the total to 137 (43.6) when Persaud was dismissed for 27.AliMohammed was partnered by Looknauth Chinkoo and they went on the offensive and added a further 31 runs for the eighth-wicket stand. AliMohammed topscored with 42 and slammed four sixes off 37 balls while Chinkoo made 24 that included two sixes off 16 balls.Guyana innings of 190 all out closed on the final ball of the 50-over innings with Tyrone Daley (7-1-20-3) and Michael Frew (10-1-44-2) emerged as the other main wicket-takers for Jamaica whose batsmen also found the going very tough and were all out for 159 in 47.4 overs.Daley topscored with 24 while Rutherford (6.4-0-17-5), Kheshram Seyhodan (10-1-30-2), Keemo Paul (9-1-35-2) and Akenie Adams (10-3-21-1) shared the wickets.ICC Americas made 203 in 50 overs with Akashdeep Gill 85 (2×6, 8×4, 146 balls) and Sagar Patel 32 being the main run-getters. The successful bowlers for Barbados were Chemar Holder (10-0-44-3) and Joshua Bishop (7-0-28-2).Leniko Boucher (69 not out) and Yvan Grant (50 not out) shared an unbroken 113-run fourth-wicket stand that propelled Barbados to their seven-wicket win over ICC Americas as they amassed 204 for 3 in 45.4 overs.last_img read more

Waiting for the Punchline: Comedy can be an incredible coping mechanism

first_imgGood comedy is also hearty and soulful. The pleasure you feel from it extends far beyond the slight involuntary chuckle you make when understanding a joke. Good comedy induces a deeper, more cathartic pleasure in your chest and throughout your body, similar to that evoked by listening to a great jazz or blues composition. It’s the sensation of healing and understanding that makes a work of art meaningful. Despite how cringe-worthy that opening might have been, it brought a genuine smile to my face to write it out and imagine 90% of people stopping right about there. Having a sense of humor is about all we can do in times like these. I mean, hell, almost all other forms of distraction have been canceled or postponed for at least another month or two.  Hannah Montana wasn’t lying when she penned these lyrics in 2007, and her words ring truer than ever as we fend off this collective depressive social isolation. Everybody is having those days right now, and for the foreseeable future, we still have many of those days to come. To tell the truth, there’s really nothing all that funny about a global pandemic threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions around the globe. But it is funny to think that TSA wouldn’t let me bring toothpaste on a plane for 13 years, only to toss the rule aside without a second thought about two weeks ago.  Comedy has always been a go-to coping mechanism for many — and for good reason. If you’re someone who laughs or makes jokes when you’re going through something, you already know what I’m talking about. The very essence of comedy is about taking the wrong parts of life and finding the silver lining that doesn’t occur to us right off the bat. Matthew Philips is a senior writing comedy. His column “Waiting for the Punchline” runs every other Thursday. If there’s one positive thing about the conditions we’re living in, it’s that they’re forcing us to reconsider what’s important and necessary and what’s not. I myself have started to wonder why I spent so much time caring about things that are truly harmless and insignificant in the grand scheme of life. I’ve also started to think about things I should have been focusing on more this entire time — like my future and my loved ones. I guess what I’m trying to say here is this: Try to have a sense of humor about things. Laugh more, write more, talk to the people around you — from a safe distance of at least 6 feet of course. This coronavirus panic won’t go on forever. Unfortunately, the trials and tribulations of life will, and the least we can all do is have a laugh about them.center_img “Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days. Everybody knows what I’m talking about. Eh-eh-everybody gets that way.” David Isaacs, a professor in the School of Cinematic Arts and longtime comedy writer for shows like “M*A*S*H*” and “Frazier,” would always repeat this mantra to our writing class: Tragedy plus time equals comedy. I’m still not sure where this phrase originated, but it’s one of the most essential rules in the creation of good comedy.  Whenever I try to compile a list of my all-time favorite stand-ups, I find it’s littered with people who make me feel less alone in this world more than people who purely make me laugh — although there’s usually a ton of overlap. Our heartiest laughs don’t usually come from comedy that thrives on simple, easily digestible concepts that don’t move or challenge us. They come from the well of deep pain and worldly curiosity that we don’t often express in our daily interactions. So much of good comedy is about pain, mistakes and honest reflection of the two. It’s not about blocking out the pain or ignoring your feelings — it’s quite the opposite. Good comedy forces us to embrace the pain and glean the understanding that allows us to grow from it or not. There’s so much good material in stunted growth.  (Katie Zhao | Daily Trojan) We can only hope that other people will have these revelations as well. When the world kicks back into gear, it’s truly not worth having an uptight demeanor about everyone and everything. If something in the world really bothers you, go and do something about it — be the change that you want to see. Don’t internalize and wallow in the things that upset you, and don’t put the weight of the world upon your shoulders. It will keep on spinning with or without your concern from afar.last_img read more

Beat writers pick Syracuse to roll over St. John’s

first_img Published on December 20, 2016 at 6:43 pm Comments Facebook Twitter Google+center_img Less than 48 hours after blowing out Eastern Michigan, Syracuse (7-4) will host St. John’s (5-7) in the Carrier Dome. SU is coming off arguably its best performance of the season, while the Red Storm have lost two back-to-back contests to Penn State and LIU Brooklyn.Our beat writers explain below their selections for Wednesday night’s game.Connor Grossman (7-4)New York’s college team(s)Syracuse 69, St. John’s 52Syracuse is coming off a game against Eastern Michigan in which eight players reached double-digit point totals. No SU team has done that since the 1978-79 season. Even with an injured Tyler Lydon, the Orange have enough pieces to stitch together convincing wins against the Red Storm and Cornell. Atlantic Coast Conference play is less than two weeks away.Paul Schwedelson (8-3)Empire State of MindSyracuse 79, St. John’s 52AdvertisementThis is placeholder textSyracuse blew out Eastern Michigan by 48 points on Monday night. The Eagles are ranked 112th by St. John’s is ranked 136th by Kenpom. The Orange should have no problem steamrolling the Red Storm en route to its eighth win of the year. Say all you want about SU’s weak nonconference resume, but at this point all Syracuse can do is win the games it’s supposed to until ACC play begins. The Orange will do that by dismantling a team that’s lost to LIU Brooklyn and Delaware State.Matt Schneidman (8-3)Deja phew!Syracuse 85, St. John’s 66This one won’t be like last year, let’s get that out of the way. There’s no way Syracuse loses to St. John’s again. Not this Red Storm team, which has lost to LIU Brooklyn and Delaware State. The Orange’s offense is trending upward right now after putting the most players in double figures in a single game since 1979. Even if SU is without Tyler Lydon, whether it be for precautionary purposes or not, Syracuse should have no problem stuffing Chris Mullin’s team deeper into the crater of the Big East it’s already buried in.last_img read more