Ecuador’s Minister Of Defense To Go To Russia To Seek Military Assistance‎

first_imgBy Dialogo March 19, 2009 Javier Ponce, Ecuador’s Defense Minister, ‎will travel to Russia to launch an agreement for military assistance, according to a ‎statement provided Wednesday to AFP by a source from within.‎ ‎”The minister will proceed with the military assistance plan signed by both countries,” ‎stated a top military official, who requested to remain anonymous.‎ The official reported that Ponce’s visit to Russia will last four days, and that during this ‎time he will talk to the country’s military leaders.‎ Last November Russian chancellor Sergey Lavrov visited Quito for the first time, an ‎occasion in which the governments improved their relations by establishing a series of ‎commercial, military, and nuclear energy assistance commitments.‎ ‎”We have already discussed extensive commercial, financial, and military ‎cooperation. They have great, high quality military equipment,” said President Rafael ‎Corres, a harsh critic of the United States who is organizing the removal in 2009 of the ‎North American troops operating an antidrug base in the Ecuadorian coast.‎ Since 2008 the Executive Branch has been pushing for modernization of the Armed ‎Forces through the purchase of Brazilian combat aircraft, Chinese radar, and Indian ‎helicopters, as well as used fleets from Chile. ‎last_img read more