Wooting One gaming keyboard has full analog input thanks to crazy optica

first_imgYou would think that something like this requires some software tricks to work in games, but according to the developers, it should function without any special software. Games that support controller input already understand analog movement, and that’s how the Wooting One’s firmware presents the hardware. There’s also a configurator app that offers additional options. You can toggle between full analog and digital mode on the keyboard itself as well.The Wooting One is available starting at €139 (about $156) and is expected to ship in November. The campaigners were only looking for about $34,000 and are already well over $50,000 with almost a month left to go. There are tons of mechanical gaming keyboards out there, including hardware from big names like Corsair and Logitech, as well as a myriad of smaller players. They all have one thing in common: the switches. Even the custom versions of mechanical keyboard switches designed by some companies are similar to the traditional Cherry switches, but that’s not the case with the Wooting One keyboard. This gaming-oriented board just hit Kickstarter with unique analog optical switches, and it’s already blown through its funding goal.On the surface, the Wooting One looks like an unassuming tenkeyless mechanical keyboard that eschews that over-the-top gamer aesthetic which demands all hardware look like a neon stealth fighter. It has a detachable microUSB cable, standard Cherry-compatible keycaps, and full RGB backlighting. Under the keycaps are those wacky analog switches. The goal is to add analog movement to games with a keyboard, so you’re not tapping the keys in short bursts when you want to move more slowly. Instead, you just push the key slightly down.The Wooting One will come with either linear or clicky “Flaretech” switches, characteristics similar to MX red and MX blue switches. You can even swap the switches by yanking them out of the board and plugging in the other variety. A sensor measures the change in light as the switch is depressed, translating to analog input. A regular keyboard switch is just on or off, but these switches operate more like the analog stick on a game controller.last_img read more