Spain to Impose Restrictions on Domestic Workers Commuting to Ceuta

Rabat – The Spanish government delegate in Ceuta, Salvadora Mateos, has urged domestic workers to “regulate their situation” in order to cross the Morocco-Spain border at Ceuta.In a statement to the press on Tuesday, Mateos stated that new restrictions, which require locals to provide proof of work or residence do not violate the Schengen visa agreement which allows domestic workers and Moroccans who live less than 40 kilometers from Ceuta to enter the city without restriction.Spanish media reported, however, that Mateos is concerned for domestic workers and nearby residents, who can now be asked for proof of work or residence when entering Ceuta. Read Also: El Othmani, Sanchez Discuss Migration Projects, Seasonal Workers in SpainBut she explained that the move is aimed to end undocumented migration, because many cross the border with Moroccan passports and many Moroccans and Algerians enter Spain as unaccompanied foreign minors.Mateos said that the “Smart Border,” to be installed within three months, will better manage entries and exits. With high numbers of people crossing the border, police have not been able to efficiently process them.The Development Society of Ceuta (Procesa) estimated that 20,000 Moroccans enter the Spanish enclave every day. Only 1,314 people are registered under social security as domestic employees. Many of them made their work status regular in just the last two years.In 2017, 197 domestic workers regularized their status, and in the first 11 months of 2018, 286 did. read more

Mens Lacrosse Ohio State buried in 124 loss to Penn State in

Ohio State then-freshman Tre Leclaire maintains possession of the ball in the first quarter against Loyola Maryland in the first round of the NCAA tournament on May 14, 2017 at Ohio Stadium. Credit: Sheridan Hendrix | Oller ReporterThe Ohio State men’s lacrosse team ran down the historic ramp into Ohio Stadium today trailing in the Big Ten standings and facing a three-game losing streak while it prepared to meet Penn State on the field needing a win.The Buckeyes (5-5, 0-1 Big Ten) didn’t get the result they wanted, however, dropping the afternoon affair 12-4 to the Nittany Lions (7-3, 1-0 Big Ten).With a season performance from sophomore goalie Colby Kneese and a dominant show in the faceoff x from sophomore midfielder Gerard Arceri, Penn State overpowered Ohio State both offensively and defensively to emerge from the game with its first conference win of the year.“Well there wasn’t a whole lot of things that we were crazy about, I mean, at the end of the day hats off to Penn State,” Ohio State head coach Nick Myers said. “At the end of the day it’s a loss and we’re going to have to circle back up and make sure we put an emphasis on the things we’ve got to do to be successful in this conference and go after our first conference win on the road.”Penn State worked tirelessly all game to command a significant seven-goal lead going into the final period — a mountain that proved too high for the Buckeye offense to overcome. The Nittany Lions’ offensive flexibility lent itself to plenty of high-quality passes, assists and goal-scoring opportunities, while their stolid defense and Kneese’s quick reflexes kept a staggering 80 percent of Ohio State’s shots out of the cage.Penn State senior midfielder Ryan Keenan dominated offensively for his team, scoring a hat-trick and putting up seven shots against Ohio State sophomore goalie Josh Kirson. Three other Lions posted at least two goals in the scorebook. Ohio State’s goals were few, but nevertheless impressive, especially given Kneese’s efficiency. In the second period, freshman attackman J.T. Bugliosi, assisted by senior attack Colin Chell, shook a defender next to the cage and went behind his back, slipping the ball past an unsuspecting Kneese. Three other Buckeyes recorded goals. Both teams put up 35 shots, but in the end it was Penn State that had more quality finishes. Meyers said the team had to take the tough decision and use it as a means for them to improve for next week’s game against No. 6 Johns Hopkins. “You’ve got to make it about you,” Meyers said. “You know, you’ve got to go back to your training and hope that your training gets you through. I mean, kid had a nice job in the goal, he certainly had a lot of saves. We have to put that on ourselves, you know, putting the ball in the net is something we’ve got to make a priority and it starts with us in terms of the repetitions that we get.”While the result might be on players’ minds in the short term, dwelling on it won’t be in their agenda as they embrace a full week of practice in preparation for another difficult conference matchup next weekend.“You’ve just gotta move past this one and get back to work this week and prepare for [Johns] Hopkins next week,” Chell said. Ohio State hits the road for its second Big Ten game and travels to Baltimore to meet Johns Hopkins (6-2, 0-0 Big Ten) at noon April 7. read more