Computers In Personnel Award for HR Collaboration

first_img Comments are closed. ComputersIn Personnel is a UKcompany that provides visionary HR software solutions. The software is highlyflexible and covers personnel, recruitment, training administration, skillsmatching, payroll and employee and manager self service. The software andsupport services enable a more efficient, strategic approach to HR within yourorganisation. Category judge: John SmytheJohnSmythe is organisational fellow at McKinsey andcompany. He is currently researching approaches to engaging leaders andemployees in strategy and transformation. Smythe wasalso chief executive of SmytheDorwardLambert,specialists in internal communication. Prior to that, he held senior publicaffairs posts with US corporates.Yorkshire WaterThe team: HR DepartmentNo. in team: 3No. in HR function: 28No. of employees HR is responsible for:2,169About the organisationYorkshireWater is a water utility company and provides 1.7 million households and 140,000businesses with water and sewerage services. Each day the company suppliesaround 1.24 billion litres of drinking water as wellas safely returning around one billion litres ofwaste water back in to the environment. Last year, the company made £175.5mprofit.What the organisation did–Extended opening hours for customers, as a part of a project launched in 2001to provide exceptional customer service–Since 2001, there have been two phases to this project. The first involvedfield technicians and the second involved plant engineers–For the field teams, employee representatives, trade unions and operationalmanagers were involved in designing new ways of working–Terms and conditions harmonised, cutting down onovertime–For phase two, plant engineers were organised intobigger, more flexible teams. Numbers reduced from 126 to 98. Working patternswere extended to cover seven days rather than five.Benefits and achievements–Improved customer-service through extended opening times–Annual cost savings of £500,000–Project led by operational director Richard Flint,with each member of the project team taking ownership for their part of theproject. A strong sense of teamwork is ongoing with regular review meetings.John Smythe says:“A previous experience of poor industrial relations over pay caused the changeteam to adopt a ‘line led, open and inclusiveapproach’ to the challenges of changing rosters to allow seven-day customerservice and multi-site working to improve efficiency. The old model of HRleading negotiations with unions often led to adversarial situations. Themeasures were introduced with everyone’s backing.”HBOSThe team: Group Functions HRNo. in team: 15No. in HR function: 80No. of employees HR is responsible for:2,100About the organisationWith22 million customers, HBOS is the UK’slargest mortgage and savings provider. It is also a major provider of currentaccounts and credit cards. Each year, the company puts more than £45m back intothe community through the HBOS Foundation, sponsorships, affinity cards and itssocial banking programme. Its profits for the sixmonths to June were £2.2bn. What the organisation did–Merger of Halifax and Bank of Scotland in September 2001 enabled the organisation to review its IT operations and to create asingle IT function–Moved two outsourced Royal Bank of Scotland IT services into HBOS. Thisinvolved ‘TUPE-ing’ more than 750 workers–Reorganised the IT functions to create the single Group Technology function. Thisaffected 2,500 people. The restructure involved selecting people for 1,800 roles–Set up an overall project team including, the project sponsors, the groupfunctions HR team and the transition team–Overcame cultural differences with a range of initiatives, includingquestion-time sessions and focus groups.Benefits and achievements–Successful implementation of a single Group Technology function–Substantial financial savings have been made–The creation of an HBOS Group Technology culture, which reflects the values ofboth the new organisation and the diverse workforcecreated from both transitions. John Smythe says:“The merger of Bank of Scotland and Halifax required the creation of a singleIT function comprising 2,500 people. It needed to create a common technologyplatform while also in-sourcing staff from two suppliers and reducing thenumber of jobs to 1,800. A difficult transition was achieved and a newoperating culture created.”FujitsiThe team: Pension review project teamNo. in team: 5No. in HR function: 135, in the UKNo. of employees HR is responsible for: 14,500About the organisationFujitsuServices is one of the leading IT services companies in Europe,the Middle East and Africa.It has an annual turnover of £1.74bn, employs 14,500 people and operates inmore than 20 countries. It designs, builds and operates IT systems and servicesfor customers in the financial services, telecom, retail, utilities andgovernment markets.What the organisation did – A pension fund deficit meant the company hadto look at ways of retaining a defined benefit scheme without incurringincreased costs and affecting profitability–Set up a UK Pensions Consultation Forum (UKPCF) to consult with employees onthe future shape of the plan–Representatives elected via Electoral Reform Services using internet voting–Open consultation with employee representatives–Extensive use of technology to aid the consultation process includingteleconferences.Benefits and achievements–Change in the normal pension date from 60 to 65–UKPCF said the proposals ‘achieve a fair balance between acceptability tomembers and affordability to the company’–To date, more than 95 per cent of members have signed up. The deadline is March2005. John Smythe says:“The firm was faced with spiralling costs ofmaintaining a final salary pension scheme, but was all too aware of thepotential for an industrial relations controversy if solving the problem wentawry. Fujitsu chose to ‘share the problem with its employees’ rather than adoptthe more traditional route of determining a solution and communicating it. Inso doing, it set an agenda for discussions with ‘no preconceived outcome’,other than that the status quo was unsustainable. This experiment in governeddemocracy paid off. Or as the project director put it: “We chose to open ourkimono.” The scheme was retained at lower cost.The Automobile AssociationThe team:  Human ResourcesNo. in team: 5No. in HR function: 38No. of employees HR is responsible for:10,500About the organisationTheAA, an £800m turnover motoring organisation, providesbreakdown and insurance cover, loans, tyrereplacement and garage services, as well as a wide range of other products andservices to more than 15 million customers. Its website is a motoring, traveland leisure portal; its many publications include maps, and accommodation andrestaurant guides. Part of the Centrica group ofcompanies, the AA is the UK’sleading independent voice of the motorist.What the organisation did–Evidence showed that existing performance management systems were inconsistentand failed to encourage and reward competencies linked to higher customersatisfaction and increased profitability –Launched Project Horizon, a performance management system to measureindividuals’ contribution to the business–Horizon links the actions of the individual through the business plan toshareholder expectation. It identifies patrols with development needs andtracks their progress. It also identifies and rewards patrols that exceedexpectations–Provides ongoing interpretation of management information from the Horizonsystem through the Patrol Contribution Review.Benefits and achievements–For the first time, the AA is able to quantify the value each individual makes–Absence cut from 1.34 days per patrol to 0.82 days–In the initial pilot, 180 patrols out of 3,000 were performing below theminimum standard. By the end of the year, 6 per cent of the 180 had improved saving £3m.John Smythe says:“Evidence showed that existing HR systems were failing ‘to encourage andreward’ competencies in the on-road teams linked to customer satisfaction andprofitability. The Horizon system provided a database process to drive abehaviour-based ‘improve or remove’ approach to performance. It was implementedsuccessfully. Thisaward recognises effort by the HR team in working together with other functionsas a business partner achieving strategic goals in a seamless way. Specificprojects demonstrate how HR has effectively integrated and co-operated with IT,sales, marketing, finance, production and other parts of the organisations. Related posts:No related photos. Computers In Personnel Award for HR CollaborationOn 24 Aug 2004 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Waitrose cakes boosted by packaging revamp

first_imgWaitrose has seen a “phenomenal” uplift in sales of its packaged cake lines, following an overhaul of pack design, the addition of new lines and changes to recipes, including a complete switch to free-range eggs.Cakes buyer Sam Witherington said the revamped range, which launched into stores on 19 May, has helped Waitrose’s packaged cakes see almost a 30% uplift across the range.Witherington admitted she was “surprised” by the boost to established product lines from introducing a minimalist layout to the packaging. “Suddenly there’s a 10 – 11% increase in sales, just because the customer can see what they are buying, read about the products and can see why they are spending their money.”The lines are now undergoing a second stage of promotions, which will last until early August, to help encourage customers to buy into the range.last_img read more

Boris Johnson visits Subway

first_imgMayor of London Boris Johnson met staff at the Uxbridge branch of Subway to talk about key issues affecting the food industry.These included Greg Madigan, Subway’s chief executive of UK and Ireland, Charles Stewart, director of operations for Greater London, and Rusty Warren, regional field manager for Greater London.The visit to the high street sandwich retailer on 22 April provided an opportunity for discussions surrounding the key issues affecting the foodservice industry.Subway also said in a statement that the agenda included: “Subway’s positive economic contribution to the UK and the government’s public health responsibility deal, and how the franchise is working with the local community to promote the business opportunities in Uxbridge.”Last month, Subway opened its 5,000th European outlet with a new site in Livingston, Scotland.last_img read more

Ash Center devotes $350,000 in grants to exploring democracy’s challenges

first_imgFrom exploring citizen participation in rural China to assessing how public deliberations in California can engage citizens, HKS’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation continues to be at the forefront of understanding democracy’s challenges.In early February 2012, the Center announced a deepened commitment to studying democracy by devoting $350,000 each year to faculty and student research that aims to bridge the wide gulf that separates the ideal of democracy from its imperfect practice in the real world. Called the “Challenges to Democracy,” this grant program will fund HKS faculty-led research projects and seminars as well as post-doctoral and doctoral fellowships for students throughout the Harvard community.“We are pleased to offer such a substantial amount of funding to support research on strengthening democratic practices and the institutional innovation that is necessary to maintain and expand democratic participation and engagement around the world” said Tony Saich, director of the Ash Center. “We hope that this support will engage Harvard’s vibrant intellectual community in the exploration of key challenges in these areas and that it will also push ahead not just our thinking, but also our curriculum design.”last_img read more

Trail Mix | The Hip Abduction

first_imgIt’s only appropriate that I open this week’s blog with some surfing imagery.For those of you unaware of The Hip Abduction, take heed. The wave is building and the ride promises to be pretty rad.The Hip Abudction, a septet from St. Petersburg, is drawing huge crowds in their native Florida with their blending of dance hall reggae, African rhythms, and indie pop. Folks from outside the Sunshine State are beginning to pay attention, with the band racking up some serious festival gigs for this summer.Gold Under The Glow, the latest release from The Hip Abduction, is groovy and danceable, drawing on influences that span multiple continents. It’s a record that could only come from a band that calls Florida home, where Latin, African, and Caribbean inspirations collide.I recently caught up with David New, lead vocal and guitarist with the band, to chat about the new record, beach life, and cosmic pumpkins.BRO – Could your band have been born anywhere other than Florida?DN – No way, man.BRO – What do the sound guys normally say when you ask for a little more kamale ngoni in the mix?DN – “Hey, man, did you mean the space pumpkin, bro? Yeah, I got you. Sounds like a sitar. I love Indian food.” That’s why we have our own sound crew.BRO – Assume my knowledge of reggae begins and ends with Bob Marley. Give me three old school Jamaican artists to check out.DN – Gregory Issacs, Wailing Souls, and Burning Spear.BRO – We are featuring “Come Alive” on this month’s Trail Mix. What’s the story behind the song?DN – Much of the new album is about dreams and the possible meaning behind the symbology. I’ve had a recurring dream where several wolves would appear for a short time and then disappear. It’s usually during stressful times in my life. But I never really know if it’s just random or if it has some sort of meaning. I’ve always wondered if it was someone in my past watching over me. They only thing I do know is that I always feel at peace when they are near. We are the wolves at play, we are the ones that sing you’re gonna be okay . . . BRO – What makes for the perfect day at the beach?DN – Clean, head high waves and no one else in the water. No wind. PB&J and a coconut water in the cooler, and high-fiving a dolphin mid wave.The Hip Abduction’s tour calendar is quiet until the middle of April, when the band shows up in Virginia for two nights in Roanoke. Two big gigs on the horizon include the North Carolina Brewers & Music Festival and Shaky Knees Festival in May.For more information on the band or how you can get a copy of Gold Under The Glow, please surf over to the band’s website. Also, be sure to check out “Come Alive” on this month’s Trail Mix.last_img read more

Ecuador’s Minister Of Defense To Go To Russia To Seek Military Assistance‎

first_imgBy Dialogo March 19, 2009 Javier Ponce, Ecuador’s Defense Minister, ‎will travel to Russia to launch an agreement for military assistance, according to a ‎statement provided Wednesday to AFP by a source from within.‎ ‎”The minister will proceed with the military assistance plan signed by both countries,” ‎stated a top military official, who requested to remain anonymous.‎ The official reported that Ponce’s visit to Russia will last four days, and that during this ‎time he will talk to the country’s military leaders.‎ Last November Russian chancellor Sergey Lavrov visited Quito for the first time, an ‎occasion in which the governments improved their relations by establishing a series of ‎commercial, military, and nuclear energy assistance commitments.‎ ‎”We have already discussed extensive commercial, financial, and military ‎cooperation. They have great, high quality military equipment,” said President Rafael ‎Corres, a harsh critic of the United States who is organizing the removal in 2009 of the ‎North American troops operating an antidrug base in the Ecuadorian coast.‎ Since 2008 the Executive Branch has been pushing for modernization of the Armed ‎Forces through the purchase of Brazilian combat aircraft, Chinese radar, and Indian ‎helicopters, as well as used fleets from Chile. ‎last_img read more

Chilean Defense: 2017 Projects

first_imgBy Augusto Scarella Arce/Diálogo May 17, 2017 Chilean defense policy is geared towards protecting the citizenry, defending their national interests and preserving their political independence, national sovereignty, and territorial integrity, according to the 2010 Chilean National Defense Book. “To these ends, Chile possesses and prepares the military resources needed for use in its legitimate defense, which means undertaking the modernization of all of its defense institutions, including the Chilean Armed Forces,” according to the text. “The Chilean Armed Forces must not limit themselves to the role that they have been playing until now. We cannot look only at one line of action; it is our duty to get involved,” explained Minister of Defense José Antonio Gómez Urrutia during the anniversary celebration of the Ministry of Defense on March 20th at the nation’s military academy. Without ignoring the role — defense of national sovereignty —that Chile’s constitution assigns to the Armed Forces as its main duty, Gómez Urrutia maintained that “the sector’s capabilities must be ready, and it must also operate in those areas that the people assume to be a core feature of its defensive and protective role.” The Armed Forces’ multifunctional capabilities were employed in the summer of 2017 to aid the civilian population when nature once again put Chile to the test. The entire state apparatus had to be employed to extinguish the many wildfires that ravaged different regions of the country. “The progress we have made in the areas of interagency coordination, operational leadership, community interaction, and multiple aid deployment were on full display,” Gómez Urrutia said. According to the Defense Ministry’s official website, more than 8,000 service members, together with various types of aircraft and vehicles, fought the fierce blazes that erupted in the summer of 2017. Structural reforms “There is no doubt that one of the main development tasks facing the Chilean defense sector is the institutional modernization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” Gómez Urrutia said. Thus, “The Ministry of Defense has authored a bill that would modify Public Law 20424, which regulates how the Ministry of Defense and its subordinate bodies are organized, moving from today’s concept of a Joint Chiefs of Staff and its leadership to the creation of a Joint Forces Strategic Command led by a commander who will hold the same rank in the chain of command as the commanders-in-chief of the Chilean Armed Forces,” he said. “This ministerial body has been shaping its structure in search of broad versatility and functionality. Its purview as a ministry-level military organization is in the planning, preparation, coordination, and execution of duties, activities, and operations that involve a joint effort and that take on a special relevance in those circumstances in which coordination is needed from defense institutions to operate in the area of civil defense, coordinating their capabilities in service of the community during emergency situations, natural disasters, calamities, elections, censuses, and similar kinds of situations,” Air Force General Arturo Merino Núñez, director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Diálogo. “The purpose of this change is to centralize in this strategic command the command and control of all of our forces in times of conflict and peace, expressly including their role during emergencies and disasters. Centralizing military leadership in a joint command means reinforcing and implementing an effective ‘civil command’ inasmuch as said command directly depends on the minister and is his direct advisor. Thus, these reforms, modifications, and adjustments involve giving the ministry greater professional and technical capabilities to better align its communications with the forces,” Political Science, Security, and Defense Professor Guillermo Holzmann told Diálogo. Holzmann is on the faculty at Universidad de Chile, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, and Universidad de Talca. “It is important and necessary to understand that this law is not sufficient for success. The will of the government is to move towards an operational force structure [in order] to be jointly prepared at any moment and under any circumstances. That enables us to jointly confront conflicts of any size,” Gómez Urrutia concurred. In order to achieve these kinds of structural changes, a cultural change is needed, and it must be initiated by the very Armed Forces institutions where joint development will be seen as a doctrine incorporated into the educational system, said Holzmann. The Foreign Office will have to develop a decision-making process in order to send these bills to the legislature before the end of the current legislative session so that they can be passed into law, or a solid base of support can be established, and the changes that the Ministry of Defense is considering can be implemented after Chile’s presidential election in late 2017.last_img read more

Horoscopes by PsychicDeb for October 2014

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Aries – Your ruling planet in the 9th house brings a possible business trip worth considering as it offers a respite from the corporate jungle. A higher-up may act as a mentor and you step out of your way to lend a helping hand to underlings. Many friends can have inspired ideas that you can adapt to your best interest, just guard against the radical ones.Taurus – Your ruling planet in the 6th house makes you less introspective but just as compassionate and caring as ever. Your amiable and cheerful demeanor makes you a welcome addition to any gathering whether it’s business, family or social. Your usually reticent personality is brought out by large but manageable doses of confidence and assertiveness.Gemini – Mercury vibrations will move you to take full advantage of your chance to rest and play, although higher-ups at work will demand your time and attention. Be careful of a trusted friend who may speak ill of you behind your back. Restrain any impulse to retaliate; the situation will resolve itself.Cancer – Partners seem more adventurous so don’t be swayed by fast talk or demands for immediate decisions. Read the fine print even if it’s laced with boring technical terms. You’ll be glad you rose to the challenge of taking personal responsibility for your financial fitness.Leo – Planetary vibrations make it easy for you to prosper financially and spiritually from an encounter with a special partner whose qualities you are just now realizing. An intellectual approach to this person may be more rewarding than an emotional bond.Virgo – The day-today routine from prior months can begin to pay off with handsome rewards, such as a steadier cash flow and a constant influx of new business. If you’re thinking of a joint financial project, attend a lecture or do extensive research before making any final decisions.Libra – You may be revitalizing a love commitment either by finding something you appreciate in your current flame or connecting with someone new. Be low-keyed in your reaction to their changeable mood and focus on their hot spot.Scorpio – You’ll be pleased to receive the attention of a higher influential member of your social group. Sharing with carefully selected acquaintances will line your pockets with abundance. Refrain from judging the actions of others.Sagittarius – Your versatile mind leans towards idealistic philosophies, imbuing you with original ideas that motivate you and those around you to positive, dynamic activities. Honors in learned circles can be yours for the asking for the next few months.Capricorn – Pluto vibrations spark your higher mind opening you to ingenious and inventive ideas. Investigate all concepts thoroughly and these ideas will drive home your goals. Change and diversion are welcome breaks from the business of progress.Aquarius – Planetary vibrations immerse you in a round of social activities – some fun, some not. You’re perceptive enough to sort through the chaff, discarding the trivial or boring of these events in favor of the truly enjoyable. You can prosper and gain by going public with future objectives.Pisces – Giving of yourself to your lover brings his/her love and attention back to you. Your normally inhibited nature becomes bolder when you feel on safe footing with your romantic partner. Clothing may play a part in the harmony of your senses and fresh perky colors can lift your spirits.IF YOU KNOW YOUR RISING SIGN, CONSULT THE HOROSCOPE FOR THAT SIGN AS WELL.Psychicdeb has been a professional astrologer for more than 25 years. Self-taught, she began her studies in astrology when she was 8 yrs. old learning what she could from her mother’s astrology magazines. As she got older and learned geometry, she searched for books on Astrology and taught herself how to construct a chart. She teaches Astrology for a nominal fee. Psychicdeb also uses the tarot to do psychic readings channeling her spirit guide Helen. Reiki is one of her obsessions. She is a Reiki Master and loves to teach others the benefits of Reiki. Namaste. You can find her at the Original Psychic Fairs on Sundays. A listing of the Fair dates can be found on her website at: www.astro-mate.orglast_img read more

Long Island Iranian-Americans React to US-Iran Nuke Deal

first_imgThe news spawned emotional celebrations in Iran and relief and excitement for Iranian expatriates and their families on Long Island. But some Iranian Americans also expressed a measure of guarded optimism, knowing full well that one small miscue could destroy two years of intense negotiations.“I don’t think anyone would’ve thought we could even get this far,” said Hedayati, who was born the same year of the Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979, on Friday. “And everyone is keeping their fingers crossed to complete it.”Hedayati, an attorney from Roslyn, sits on the board of the Long Island-based Iranian American Society of New York. But he said he was speaking solely as an individual and not on behalf of his fellow board members or the organization, a nonprofit that is apolitical and is not religious.Hedayati and other Long Island Iranian Americans interviewed by the Press said they were mostly excited for Iranians who have struggled to cope under the weight of unprecedented sanctions imposed on Iran for covert nuclear activities.“The people are the ones suffering,” he said. “That type of relief will definitely be good.”“I was really excited and happy for everyone, both Americans and Iranians,” said Shamila Dilmaghani, 32, of Jericho. “I thought it was a great step forward after not having relations for over 30 years.”Dilmaghani, whose parents left Iran during the revolution and later planted their roots in Oyster Bay Cove, believes the deal could also lead to a better understanding between the two cultures.Dilmaghani, a senior training program manager at Weill Cornell Medical Center, was monitoring social media when the news of a tentative deal was first reported early Thursday afternoon. Scrawling down her Facebook page, she smiled as one-by-one her friends posted reactions to the news and feverishly shared news stories from media outlets.“To see how much its impacting [people] there…it means more to them because of sanctions and hardships,” she said. Until the June 30 deadline for all sides to agree upon the accord, members of Congress, Iranian officials and Iranian communities in both the US and Iran will pore over the details. At home, officials have already promised an unprecedented level of transparency regarding the details, perhaps to better sell it to skeptical Americans.The dust barely settled by the time experts and armchair analysts began picking apart the deal, trying to establish winners and losers.But Kayvon Afshari, the director of communications for the American Iranian Council, a think tank based in New Jersey, sees this as positive news for Iran, the US, and the five other world powers pushing for the accord.“This deal is definitely good for both sides as long as both parties deliver on their commitment,” said Afshari, who holds a master’s degree in international relations. “Certainly it’s a win for diplomacy,” he added, “and a resounding ‘no’ for war.”Afshari, who grew up in Upper Brookville but now lives in Brooklyn, is also the host and executive producer of an online satirical show called The Mideast Show. Like many other observers, he was enthusiastic about the details presented in the initial framework.“I was surprised by how specific they were on the concessions on both sides as well as the extent of those concessions,” he said. “I think it goes a long way to assure the international community” that Iran’s nuclear ambitions “will remain peaceful, and it provides verification measures for that.”The deal also comes at a particularly sensitive time for both countries. As the framework for a deal was being negotiated, both Iran and the US found themselves on the same side in the battle against the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and on opposite ends of Yemen’s civil war.All interested parties know that at any time the deal could buckle and eventually implode.Jericho’s Dilmaghani said she’s not prepared to immediately embrace Thursday’s agreement.“I almost don’t want to celebrate too much because I don’t want to be disappointed,” she said. View image | gettyimages.comcenter_img Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York For all 36 years of Alireza Hedayati’s time on this planet he’s only known one thing about his parents’ home country and their adopted one: long-festering animosity that, until recently, threatened any hope of future diplomatic relations.With all the political maneuvering between the west and the Middle East, it seems even decades-long enemies can agree on some things. And they have, for the moment.On Thursday, the US and five other world powers along with Iran agreed to a comprehensive framework that officials said, if implemented in its entirety, could prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon. In return, Iran would receive relief from sanctions that have crippled its economy—a strategy President Barack Obama heralded as important to bringing Iran to the negotiating table.last_img read more

NAFCU puts out MLA resources for credit unions

first_img 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr NAFCU Director of Regulatory Compliance Brandy Bruyere announced the association’s new collection of compliance resources for credit unions related to the Military Lending Act, including the association’s Final Rule report, webcasts and blog posts on the rule.Bruyere said the collection also includes a guide to the rule’s scope and applicability as well as a list of frequently asked questions. The rule’s implementation deadline is Oct. 3, 2016.“Compliance with the MLA can raise several operational and compliance challenges for credit unions,” Bruyere said. “In particular, knowing which products are covered by the MLA and what contract terms may be prohibited will be important for credit unions as the deadline draws closer.” continue reading »last_img read more